The Devil's son - Prologue

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This story is in no way associated with Becca's Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush, even though the cover is similar.

The Devil's son


"The least you could do would be to look at me when I'm talking to you." The cold voice said.
I felt tears gathering in m eyes.
Not that again...
"I can't, miss."
"And why is that so, young lady?"
"Enough!" That was Jason.
He knew what was coming and, like, always, tried to protect me. But too late. I could feel the words form in my mouth and I pronounced them before he could say anything else.
"Because I'm blind, miss."

A deadly silence filled the classroom.

I heard Jason's chair creak on the floor as he rose. A moment later, I felt his hand grab my arm and pull me up. Before I could protest, I heard him grabbing my things from the desk and felt his hand on my arm once more. He was pulling me out of the classroom.

I heard the teacher muttering a confused apology.

It was always the same. I hated it.
To hear the pity in their voice. Afterwards, they treated me as if I was... highly explosive or something. As if they didn't want to approach me anymore. Because they feared how I would act.

I hated the way they winced when I touched their faces.

It was always the same. They would always tell things like 'my hair is blond'... but I didn't know what blond is.

And when they noticed their error, they preffered not to talk to me anymore.

This is how I always became 'the-new-blind-freak' girl.

And this, even though it truly sucked, was my everyday life.

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