Chapter 2

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You were dreaming a wonderful dream when suddenly someone shook your shoulder lightly. It was a woman that was sitting next to you. She was a few years older than you and quite pretty. 

"Sorry that i woke you up, but the plane is about to land in a few minutes. Thought i should let you know" she said and smiled at you. 

"Oh yeah, that's okay, thanks for waking me up" you said politely, smiling a little. 

You take your bag with the things you had with you during the flight. Once the plane finally landed, you moved from your seat to the exit. 

*Time skip because i don't know how to write all that stuff about what happens in the airport*

You were sitting in the cab and making a small conversation with your driver. It was 1 am but you weren't very tired. 

"So what brings you to London from New York?" the driver asked. He was very polite, middle aged man. 

"Oh, uh.. Well i was living in New York for a really long time now, but my mother passed away and i just couldn't be there anymore. Everything in New York reminded me of her. It was too hard to be there.." you answered noticing that your vision became blurry as you were about to cry, but you decided that you've cried enough, it's time to start a new life which was going pretty well at the moment.

"Oh, sorry for asking.. I shouldn't have." you saw the guilt in his eyes.

"That's okay" you said smiling a little. After a few minutes the cab stopped. You assumed it was your stop.

"Here's your flat" he said pointing out of the window. You payed the driver and got out of the car when he opened the window and said "Be strong. You are a nice girl and deserve happiness. One day you will find it" he said while smiling a genuine smile and drove off. 

You were standing there for a couple of minutes still thinking about his words. Maybe he was right. Maybe you actually deserve some happiness, because your life clearly wasn't the best. Then you took your phone from your back pocket and checked the time. It was 1:30 am and you were feeling pretty tired now and decided to head to your flat. Just when you were about to go in the building someone grabbed your wrist and turned you around. 

"Oh hello there pretty lady. You shouldn't be here all alone at this time. You know.. it's not really safe.." the man said while being inches from your face, suddenly he spins you around and you can can smell the alcohol from his mouth. His hand covered your mouth so you weren't able to scream for help. Then you bite his hand as hard as possible and he screams in pain.

"YOU BITCH! YOU WILL REGRET DOING THIS!!" He punches your face with his bare hand. You fall on the cold ground and feel the warm liquid flowing from your nose. He kicks you with his legs in your stomach as you cry for help.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, BUT FIRST, LET ME HAVE SOME FUN!" he shouts while still kicking you then he stops. You were crying and feeling like you were about to black out when he pulls his knife out of his pocket lifts it in his hand. He was about to stab you, but you were feeling too tired and so much in pain to care about what was going to happen next. Then suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your leg and almost black out. But before blacking out you hear some voices shouting to stay away from you and the voices were somehow familiar, then you black out. 


You tried to open your eyes but you still couldn't. You heard voices and you knew you were somewhere safe now because you were under a blanket and you certainly knew that you weren't on a cold ground as you remember laying the last time. You slowly opened your eyes and saw that you were in a bright room. You knew that you were in a hospital, but how did you get in here? You don't remember anything what happened after you blacked out.

You looked around the room slowly and saw a clock on the wall which showed that it was 10:46 in the morning. Then you saw two men sitting next to a window. They seemed tired and they were talking about something quietly. One had black hair, he had dark circles under his blue eyes. And the other one had beautiful brown hair, and dark brown eyes, he also had dark circles under his eyes and he looked quite tired.

"Uh..Hello..?" you said quietly and your voice cracked a little. They turned around to face you. You immediately recognised them. You were confused more that before and questioned yourself.

"What are they doing here?"

"Are they the ones who brought me here?"

"How should i act around my favourite youtubers?"

"Should i say something to them?" 

"What the hell do i do when Dan and Phil are sitting literally in front of me??!?!"


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