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Hi!!! This is my first ever story. P.S i'm not a very good writer so if this is really cliché but i'm just starting out so i'll try my best!! Hope you try to enjoy XD anyway on with the story!

I've never really been the one to draw attention to myself. Being the non-talented one of the family really casts you out of the loop, especially in my position.

First we got my brother, Jaleel or Jay as i call him. tall, first year in college. He got a scholar ship to UCLA for not only becoming the school dux last year but for the music program he managed to revive here at Wembly High.

Isn't that amazing. (sarcasm everywhere)

And then secondly we have Khi. The cliche blonde bitch that rules the school, with the blues eyes and fake bubbly personality. Yeah that's exactly her.

Head cheerleader.

'Perfect' inside and out. *puking noises*

Ahead of her class.

Oh let us all bow upon the perfect student.

but then we've got me. The baby of the family, more like the runt that no one wants and would rather pretend doesn't exist. But yes, here i am the disappointing 3rd child. I' m awkward, i don't think i have a filter and i can't hold a conversation for more than a few seconds soo...

By the way, i'm Kiri Blu

welcome to my damned life


I know it's not long but i'll try and make it longer sorry :)

- _sweetnothings_

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