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     Madeline Rogers found out she was in love with Dimitri Turner when she was twelve.

    It was the beginning of seventh grade and everyone was talking about the new kid in school. At first Madeline thought nothing of it, not until she saw him. It was like time had frozen and he was the only thing she could see. Some people would call that love at first sight, and that is exactly what Madeline thought.

    She would see him around school and even in some of her classes. She would see him laughing with his friends and think what it would be like to be there with him.

    Dimitri had never talked to Madeline, not until halfway through seventh grade.

   She was walking to the class when a kid bumped into her, causing her books to fall out of her hands. She bent down to pick them only to see her books were already pick up off of the floor. When she looked up to thank the person who helped her, she froze. Standing in front of her was Dimitri, with her books in his hands.

   And that was the first time they ever spoke. He was everything Madeline imagined he would be. Kind, handsome, and carrying.

   After that day he started to hang out with her, walking her to class, sitting with her at lunch, and that only made Madeline love him even more.

    But through all that Dimitri never showed any interest in her, other than friendship. But Madeline wouldn't give up because she knew that one day he would realize how much he loved her. She was patient and she would wait for him.

    She had faith that one day he would love her back. But what she didn't realize was that faith would be her ultimate downfall.


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