jeff the killer x ben drowned! lemon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear reader,i hope u enjoy! Ben/me is ben drowned.jeff is jeff the killer.YES THIS IS A CREEPYPASTA LEMON!GUY X GUY.if u dont like it dont read.btw tell me in the comments what i should do for my next lemon:

1:naruto,sasuke x naruto

2:soul eater,black star x soul

3:creepypasta,more jeff x ben

4:creepypasta,jeff x slendy

5:creepypasta:jeff x masky

Yes all guy x guy! I like it ok! But if u got some ideas not listed comment it cx

Ben's point if veiw: i sit there just thinking, about random stuff.ALL THE SUDDEN JEFF APPEARS BY ME SHOULDER AND SCARES THE SHIZ OUT ME!jeff: hey hi jeff, what do u want? Jeff: ben, i want eyes were huge and i was blushing like a maniac me: jeff wha-? I was cut off by jeff smashing his lips against mine.i was like a tomato now.Jeff pulls away for jeff what was that? Jeff:a kiss.jeff blushes.jeff: did u like It? Me: dont stop...jeff pulls off my shirt.jeff kisses me mmm....I was moaning like a wacko.jeff undoes mine and his pants then the strips me of my underwear.jeff whispers in my ear and then nibbles on it: jeff:get on all fours ben.jeff smiles pervertly at me.i get on all fours.Jeff puts one finger into my entrance.I moan.he puts another finger in and makes sciscor motions i was shivering with pain but soon the the pain was formed into pure pleasure.moan crazy load.Jeff:are u ready Ben? Me:yes.... He finnally puts his member in my body was shot with pain but the pain went away quickly.Jeff started to move plz...harder.Jeff smirked and did as I said.I moaned l moaned like a mad man.jeff found a rhythm.I couldn't help but scream his name. Jeff: im gonna-! Me: jeff!!!ahh! We both came at the same time.mine all over my stomach and jeffs filled me. We were panting now,jeff just kinda collasped on me and even know his weight was twice as mine i just let him be. Eventually we got up and put are cloths back on.jeff: i love u i love u too. We both smiled and sleeply and went back to are living courters.

I woke up shocked.....from being naked...but then i remembered what happened and i was weird what just happened but i love jeff.....yes love....ever since we first meet i wanted him.jeff stired.but to well,were together now and thats all that matters.snuggles up to jeff.he with so sexy and cute and adorable.

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