Part 50 ✨

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ᵔᴥᵔ YAS! Chapter 50. I did not think i'd make it this far. wow. Alright :D Thank you all so much for your Votes, positive comments and everything! Enjoy..I kinda leave you hanging on this chapter..sorry, loves. Promise to update soon. ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง ˓ٛ˃̵̢̡̢ˊ͈ˣੰ˂̵̡̢̡༿˒˒৳ɦ੨৸кઽ❣༚˚·° ஐ。✼

"So who you taking to the dance?" Angelina asked over the phone as you were laying on your stomach wearing shorts and a bra with knee high socks. Raph was about to open the door but stopped when he heard your voice talking. "I wanna take raph but im either afraid of people crowding him with attention or people wont treat him like a human being. Idk..sometimes i kinda wish he was. I just..idk." Raph looked away as he let go of the doorknob and left. "What about that smart dude in your group of friends. Don wasn't it? Ask him for help. He's probably got an invention right?" Angelina asked. 'Yea he does 0.0 i completely forgot about that date donnie took me on even if it was a dare' u thought. "Sooo i didnt tell u this earlier in life, but i slipped my phone number into leo's pocket and he hasnt called me." "You whatXD" you laughed at her. "whaaaaatttt He's kinda cute." You shook your head "Your weird." "But you love me so its ok." She sassed as you laughed at her. "So what? your gonna ask Leo to the dance now?" "Thats not a bad idea." "It actually might be a bad idea." "Why?" "Cause Leo..He's fun and all..but he's not one to really wanna do a party scene. If anyone its Mikey who loves that." She groaned on the other side of the line as you rose a brow. "Why don't you ask that guy who's obsessed with you..What was his name?" "who? you mean Sam?" "Yea! him ask him" "um how about no, he's creepy. And he's got that mole on his forehead that just stares into your soul." "I mean, angelina, you have so many admirers just pick one." "But..-she sighs- idk i'll try i guess.." she answered enthusiastically.

Raph's pov.
I walked into the dojo feeling so much hit me at once; Confused, Frustrated, rejected and hurt. I picked the heaviest weight i own. Raph had gotten that from a dumpster behind the NYC local gym. 'All those times she told me she loved me for me..were those lies? Am I a temporary boyfriend.. I mean..If there was no baby. Would she leave me if she had the chance. What does it matter. People; including Y/N are just gonna see me as i am. Humans are all the same. i'm nothing but a-a' his thoughts turned into harsh words "Monster." He threw the weight into the wall. As mikey stopped doing push ups to look above himself; he saw Raph's weight stuck into the wall. Pieces of wall fell as dust fell out from the hole in the wall that was just created. Raph went to his punching bag and punched it as if it had guts that could be spilled. He then stabbed it with his sai and punched the wall behind him as he turned around as leaned his back against the wall & slid down. He brought his knee's to his chest and crossed his arms on top of his knees and rested his head on the wall behind him. He exhaled annoyed. Mikey walked over to Raph and stopped about 3 feet away. "hey raph. You doin' alright?" Raph looked at his brother as he then rubbed his head with an ex-hail from the nose "No.." "well if you want to you can talk about it." "There's nothing to talk about." raph got up and left the room with that. He was headed towards the exit of his own home.

No one's pov..

You walked out of Raph's room from talking to your friend Angelina. you saw Raph leaving; your eyes focusing all attention to him. You reached your hand out to touch him "hey whatcha doin?" he stopped as he turned to look at you with a cold glare. You pulled back you hand as you saw his reaction towards you. His upper lip crunched up with his eyes starring you down made you feel like your heart was gonna explode."R-raph. Whats wrong?" "I don't know. How about you tell me." He made it sound like a question with also the idea of Hinting you on in what he's thinking. Your eyes looked to your side then you looked up at him "No not really. Why?" "Oh so you forgot already?" "forgot what?" Raph shook his head while putting his hands on his hips. "Raph what?" you asked annoyed while worried at the same time. "Why don't you just go back to talking with your friend." He shoo-ed you away. "how did you kn-" then your eyes widened 'He must've heard that thing i said about him' He walked away from you. You ran after him "Raph! Wait!" You touched his arm as your hands grasped around him like a slot and didn't let go. He shook you off with only two shakes of his arm and you fell to the ground. Without you realizing Leo and Don watched the whole thing from the island. You picked up your body and ran back after him. "Raph, please wait." You walked beside him as you pleaded him to stop. "What!" He spat with his eyes widened and his teeth showing as his body was turned to you. You body jolted from the vibration of his voice. "What is it that you possible want from me?!". You breathed out "raphael I love you so freaking much. I honestly do and i didnt mean what I said. I promise you." you finished as you waited for him to react. A different kind of rage filled his body. One he couldn't control. His body acted out for him; his brain was almost out of commission. The concotion sacks made was working once again. You watched as He took his hand and rose it to your face. Your body twirled around to face the wall and fell to the ground from the pressure. You slowly put your hand on the burn mark Raphael had made; it felt like a fresh sunburn. You clinched your teeth as your hand backed away from your cheek. You stood up and looked over your shoulder to see raphael was gone. You sighed shakily as you kept the tears hidden behind your eyes. Your (baby blues turned so clear, your golden-greens turned into a pure grass green, your chocolates turned into more of a really dark chocolate. Your rose colored eyeris turned into a crimson flame.) you were only 19 feet from the turtles home and you knew the dudes were there so you kept your emotions inside.

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