Lisa P.o.v

I walked in Enrique's house after him flaming mad.

Like I was beyond pissed off.

"Can you believe her ! " I fumed.

He turned around and pulled me in his arm.

I could hear him chuckling as he laid his head on my neck.

"What's so funny ? " I asked pushing him back to see his face.

"My godd ! You beat her ass !" He said busting out in hysterics.

I chuckled , not going to lie I half expected him to be mad at me.

" Like yeah I understand I'm suppose to be mad at you init , but no one couldn't say she didn't have that coming. I would have been done it but my dad would have talked bare shit if I damage her cause I'm fam and she's fam," he said running his fingers through his dreads.

I chuckled.

He stared at me and place his hand under my chin holding my head up examining my lips.

" I should fuck her up for busting you lip," he said then pecked me on the lips,"Okay let's go get that clean up."

We went upstairs to the bathroom in his room and he took out some alcohol and Paper towels and started to clean up my face.

I stared at him smiling as he attended to the cuts on my face and he looked back at me oddly.

"Doesn't it sting ? Like I'm asking cause you smiling."he questioned.

" Yeah it does , but you look so cute doing this I can't help but smile ," I laughed ," You're so focused and it's cute."

He rolled his eyes playfully and continued to dab at my lip.

"I'm pretty Sure my lip is okay now Doctor House ."

" Are you sure ? I think it needs some Doctor house therapy ," he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me deeply pushing me back on the be slowly.

All of a sudden the door was being busted open

Enrique rolled his eyes extremely annoyed and gave me one last peck on the lips before looking who had entered his room so noisily.

Dot Stood there looking disgusted and next to him Simoe and Tech stood laughing there ass off.

" Your pops said clean her face up not lick it up nigga," Dot said shaking his head.

I became so Flustered.

" Niggah, get out ! " Enrique said throwing a pillow at him.

"Lisa dropped her phone And her mum called like three times ," Tech said handing me my phone as I slide from under Enrique.

" Your Phone is hella crack resistant ," Simoe laughed," Dawg you stepped on it like 8 times in the video after it fell out ya pocket when you was fighting," Tech added.

"Your Dad wants to see you both mate,"Dot said.

Enrique nodded and pulled me up along with him so that we both we're standing.

I followed them downstairs as I looked at my phone and went through it looking at the miss calls.

My mum called 4 times.

She didn't text me doe.

I looked up and we were standing In front of Enrique's parents with Maddison standing behind them with a smirk on her face.

I rolled my eyes at her and mentally sucked my teeth.

" What the Blood Clot hell is the matter with you two ? You lost ya fucking marbles ?" Keith Shouted looking at me and Maddison.

" Daddy -"

"Shut the fuck up Maddy ,not a fucking word," Keith yelled his accent coming out thick.

She looked

See I was about to interject my feelings but the way Her dad just snapped at her had me feeling some type of a way and I didn't want that turned towards me.

"Lisa ," Keith said calmly.

I stepped back unconsciously and looked up at him.


" I Saw the Video , I know where you came from it was self defense and I am not gone give you that bullshit bout you should of walked away after she slapped you. I been telling Maddison she need to stop talking bullshit and she found the right one today ," Keith chuckled.

"Daddy ! " Maddison yelled with a deep scowl on her face.

" You got your ass whooped I'm not gon lie ," he replied with all seriousness .

Everyone laughed including Enrique's mum.

My phone started ringing , my mothers ringtone. I answered and I could hear Loud Crying.

It was Xion and Liam Crying loud in the back ground.

" Shut the fuck up !" My mothers screamed and I looked at the phone wide eyed.

"Don't yell at them !" I screamed into the phone,"Excuse me," I said walking away from the group and headed outside in the backyard to where Kyle,Erica,Tori and File sitting on the wall conversing.

"They are driving me mad ! It's like when you left they sense you gone and woke up crying and haven't stopped since," she yelled sobbing on the phone.

" Did you feed them ? I made four bottles in the fridge for you to give then ! " I asked irritated.

" Yes ! Yes I fucking did and all they did was spit it at me and cry louder ! These fucking kids ! " she sobbed.

" Fuck ! I knew I should of stayed home ! I'm on my way now !"

"Yes hurry they are giving me a headache !" She said before hanging up.

"Ugh !" I screamed out loud frustrated.

"You alright Lee?" Kyle asked Jumping off the wall and coming to me.

" My mum is Fucking .... Ughhhhh !" I screamed can't thinking of a word to used.

"Can you take me Home please ! My mum doesn't know how to handle The twins..."

"Of Course."

It's like drama loves my fucking DNA.

"You just came ." Enrique said as I explained to him I had to leave.

" The twins need me ! My mum is fucking... I just need to go. I'll see you later okay, Kyle is dropping me home."

" Yeah alright . I would drop you home but I need to do something for my dad. See you tomorrow right ?" He asked pecking me on the lips.

"No Doubt Baby," I said smiling up at him.

He ruffled up my hair like I was some little kid and kissed my forehead.

I chuckled and pushed his head back.

Kyle, Erica and I jumped in Kyle's Hummer. Tori was helping Mrs.H (Enrique's Mum) with something.

Kyle sped through the street trying to get to my house.

" Like how could she not be able to take care of them ? I've been fucking doing it for nearly 9 months and I'm only 17 . And I did the shit perfectly fucking fine ," I yelled heated.

" Understand you said you ! Like you have been doing all the shit and she don't know what to do because you haven't let her learn ! " Erica commented and Kyle nodded his head agreeing with her.

" Yup, your the one who has been taking care of your brothers. Probably the reason they don't like your mother all that much and love you," Kyle added.

"Didn't she raise me though. What the fuck ? It like that but times two."

"I don't know your mum got her own set of issues," Kyle said shaking her head.

We pulled up to my house and my mother was sitting on the stoop crying her eyes out.

I have know Idea but that got me more mad.

" What the fuck are you doing ! Why are you out here ? The twins are fucking inside alone are you serious ?" I questioned mad as hell.

" I just Can't ! " She cried , " They keep crying and yelling and they won't stop ! I'm getting a headache," she sob.

" Their babies they fucking Cry !" I yelled running inside.

She had left them on the floor.

They where both on the Kitchen floor crying face all red and their little chest heaving up and down.

Erica and I rushed to pick up them. I grabbed Xion and she took Liam , but when she took Liam he cried louder trying to reach for me.

I grabbed Him from her and rocked the both of them in my arms and in less then a few minutes they had stopped crying but didn't wanna be away from me.

" I was right to doubt her and leave the twins with her. " I said looking up at Kyle and Erica as I rocked both of the twins in my arms.

If I was to leave them any longer with her I don't know what could have happened.

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