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Bella is half Quileute (her mother actually had her with Joshua Uley but didn’t tell Charlie or Bella this but Sam does know) but her skin tone is a medium tan color which she passes off as the Arizonian sun. This is set during New Moon after Edward leaves (all events in the previous book did occur) and Sam finds her in the forest. AU, OOC, and a non-canon pairing. (Text that is in parenthesis and italics is the character’s thoughts to themselves.)

Sam’s POV

I had been watching over my little sister ever since Renee had called to inform me about her moving in with Charlie. I hated watching her with those leeches, even if they are ‘vegetarian’, but I knew I couldn’t exactly do anything about it without breaking the treaty and/or raise some undesired questions that would be hard to answer. Renee knew all about vampires and shape-shifters or werewolves, which is why she wanted me to look out for Bella because she knew about the Cullens. She told me that her and Bella are la tua cantante or ‘singers’ for many different vampires and how lucky that Bella is exactly that for the bronze-haired leech.

I’ve been staying out-of-sight from her house almost every night, at least until she goes to sleep, since she came. I was so furious when I heard that she was actually dating the leech that I phased and it took me about two hours before I could calm myself enough to phase back. I knew about her episode with those nomadic vampires as well and I didn’t like it. I’ve been watching her for signs of phasing too since it’s likely that it’ll be soon. I noticed that in the last month she has grown up to the height of 6’0”. She hasn’t had too many clumsy accidents and became more graceful in her movements.

It was a week after her birthday party at the Cullen’s place that, while watching her house, I saw her and Fagward (my own personal nickname for him) headed towards the woods far enough away that he couldn’t smell me, nor I him, but I could still hear everything they said to each other. “I promise that this will be the last time you’ll see me. I won’t come back. I won’t put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I’d never existed.” I heard Edward say before I saw him kiss Bella on the forehead and run away into the woods. I watched as she tried to follow him for an hour before tripping over a fallen branch and collapsing on the ground in numbness. I wanted to go and get her home but knew I would have to wait or it would look suspicious.

I waited until I heard Charlie had called a search for her before I finally went over to her and lifted her hot (temperature-wise) body into my arms and cradled her protectively to my chest. “It’ll be alright Bella, don’t worry. I’ll help you through anything you need.” I cooed to her as I kissed her forehead. I made it to the edge of the forest and Charlie ran over as soon as he spotted me with Bella in my arms. I wasn’t exactly sure at the time but I think she was sleeping.

“Sam! Oh thank you for finding her. I was worried sick!” Charlie exclaims as got to me.

“You’re welcome Chief Swan. I think I might know what her problem is and how to cheer her up but it’s a personal problem so I don’t know if she’d explain it to you. May I take her back with me on the Rez and help her out? She’ll only be gone a week but I know it will help a lot.” I tried to convince Charlie to let me take her home. She’ll be phasing soon and I want to explain it to her and help her control it. Also I’m concerned for my little sister and some time away from home, even if only about 20 minutes, will do her some good.

“If you are sure then I guess, but I want her to call me every day. You understand?” he asked me. I nodded my head and started toward La Push. I’ll have to explain to Paul and Jared who she is and what she is doing at my place. They better not try to mess with her or they’ll be sorry too.

After 10 minutes of jogging I reached mine and Emily’s house and Jared and Paul were already there. They looked at who I was carrying in my arms and had a look of shock mixed with a little disgust on their faces. I carried her into the living room and gently laid her down on the couch before kissing her forehead again (I seem to be doing that a lot lately but she is my little sister and I will be glad to finally have her be a part of my life) and pulling a blanket over her and tucking her in. When I stood back up and turned to face my small pack, I found them with their mouths hanging slightly open and wide eyes.

“Sam what is the leech-lover doing here and why did you kiss her on the forehead?” Paul sneered. I was furious that he would call her that in my presence but then I remembered that they didn’t know we were related at all. I calmed down before I phased because I didn’t want to hurt my little sister nor did I want to tear up that house.

“Don’t call her a leech-lover. She is here because I need to watch over her since she will phase soon. I don’t want to have it happen in public. She also needs some friends right now and I expect you to treat her as your own no matter her past choices, may they be wrong or right. If I catch you mistreating her in any way at all then you’ll be in major trouble, understood?” I laid out the rules for them.

“What do you mean she will be phasing soon? She may be tan but she is not Quileute.” Paul looked at me like I was crazy. He also looked irked that I told him to be nice to her.

“But she is Quileute Paul. Well she is half Quileute anyway. Her mother had an affair before she married Charlie but never told anyone but the real father and me because Bella is my little sister.” I told them and were standing there with their eyes wide and mouth agape.

“Sam…” I heard Bella breathe out behind me. I didn’t thing she was awake. “Is that all true? Are you really me brother?” she asked with wide eyes but I thought I saw a glimmer of hope and…joy? I couldn’t tell.

“Yes. It’s all true and I won’t ever let anything else hurt you ever again.” I told her sincerely. She nodded her head and before I could blink she was hugging me with all her strength which is a lot. I had to grit my teeth to keep from yelping in pain. She loosened her grip and looked up at me and smirked. She did that on purpose!

“Sorry Sammy. I’m not used to all this extra strength yet. I’ve always just been a helpless human. Now why don’t you introduce me to my other new brothers?” She batted her eyelashes at me and grinned evilly. I never knew she had this playful side to her. I knew we would be extremely close and she would get along great with the guys.

“Okay then. Bella this is Jared and Paul, guys Bella.” I finally introduced them properly. Jared extended his hand to her and looked at it a second before taking it and pulling him into a bone-crushing hug and he yelped loudly causing her smirk and chuckle darkly. She finally released him and stepped over to Paul but when their eyes met they both froze staring at each other with awe and understanding etched on their faces before Bella looked away and started shaking violently.

“Shit” I cursed as I picked her up and brought her into the woods where she phased into a beautiful midnight black wolf, so black it had streaks of blue in it. I quickly phased too so I could talk to her and try to see what was wrong.

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