I've never been this nasty!! (HALL CERVANTEZ)

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How is it possible to stay in love with the woman who doesn’t do anything to make the relationship lasts?

How is it possible to stay in love with the man who doesn’t really care of what he does with the relationship?

She loves him with all her heart body and soul

He loves her with all his heart body and soul

But none of them wants to admit that fact

She’s the worst woman he has ever met!

He is the worst man alive for her!

She’s the deadma queen!

He’s the uh? Oh-so-effort type of guy.

She’s a bitch

He’s a douche bag

But no matter what they do, no matter what happened, they still fall back to each other’s arms and dot dot dot….

I’ve never been this nasty



ehto ang dahilan kaya naka onhold ang Bring Me Flowers

lalabas na kasi si Papa Hall

gift ko sayo Cham!! :))

Happy Birthday :)) love you...

- aknedmars

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