A little bit from Sally's view.

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Jack's POV

"Hahahaha!" "I knew this wouldn't last long!" BEN and Jeff were looking at me from the corner of the street, I growled slightly and looked at them. They immediately got scared and ran off. I sighed softly and looked at my feet. Then I started to walk home quickly. I opened the door from the mansion and went towards my room. I slammed the door closed behind me.
Sally's POV (Because I can)

"What's wrong with EJ?" I asked and looked at Jeff and BEN. "What have you two done?!" "We?!" "Nothing!" "He's just a idiot.." "yeah.. a real loser!" Jeff said and Sally stood up with Jack's plate. "We'll see about that, I'm gonna ask him what's wrong." I walked to the basement and knocked on Jack's door. It smelled like someone was laying rotting in a corner for at least 10 years! It was almost unbearable for me. Jack opened the door and looked down at me. "Oh! Hey Sally. What's wrong?" He asked with a much more gentle voice then how he would speak to the others in the mansion, simply because he cared about me. "I came to bring your food!" I said to him and he kneels down slowly. "Thank you Sally. I appreciate that." He said and I gave his plate. "What's wrong Jack?" I asked and he sighed softly. "Well.. I'm not a very lucky guy when it comes to....... Girls....." He said softly and laughed slightly. "Its stupid to think I'd even found someone.." Sally sighed softly. "Jack! That is not true!"

"You're right.."

"I should give up.."

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