Chapter 4.1 - Welcome to the Inquisition

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"It''s...impossible for you to believe..."

"Spit it out, I don't care what it is right now," Raven replies again.

"Well, for a moment we found four fugitives hiding in the woods, each one being hunted down by a different unit with the aim of recruiting them, but we thought we wasted too much time and ordered us to execute them. They were in clear sight, I swear...But then a white light appeared and it blinded us for a moment. Afterward, the light disappeared, and so were they!" the Knight says as he tries to keep his composure in check, all while clutching his hands together.

"We tried to find them again, even digging underground to find them but suddenly, our walkers and drones started to get trashed by something, then the general and the rest were levitated by something and thrown away, and some sort of water wave splashed the remaining ones again... It was them, sir! The people we were looking for! And one of them, likely the sister of the man we captured recently started to interrogate me so she can know where he was taken!"

"One of the last of the Soranians? I never expected that one of them was going to take revenge against the Zlocu for this. But nonetheless, quite interesting, and ironic," Raven says.

The Knight can only nod in response, still wanting to go away from the terrible memories he's enduring to tell.

"But tell me, did you slip out our secret?"

"Not fully...I was forced to give a hint to them in regards to the name and something that surrounds it but don't worry, they'll never find our secret weapon!"

"I see, let's hope that is the case."

"Good, good, good....but sir, can I leave now?"

"No. You know the consequences of letting your comrades die and letting the enemy get some information. All Zlocans are expected to be the strongest in any sort of battle and letting their secrets go unchecked. And it's just like the old saying: Your brothers are your brothers, you must be always with them, even in death. And as the Zlocan command established, break both of these rules and you'll face the consequences," Raven says as soon as he gets up from his chair and goes behind him.

The Knight starts to tremble as tears fall down from his eyes and get reddened.

"No no no! Please! NO!!! I do like being with my comrades but this is the first time it happens to me! Just please give me another chance, I swear to you that we will find these weak humans for killing my brothers and prove that we-"

Just as he's continuing his rant, he stops speaking, as if something affected him, making him gargle as orange blood starts coming out of his mouth.

He then tilts downwards and saw what had caused it.

Stabbed in the back by a metal claw, coming from Raven's one hand. Blood dripping outside of it, gushing out in many droplets. After a brief pause, the knight stops moving and Raven takes out his claw out of the knight's chest and later kicks him out of his table to the floor.

"Failure is not an option in this empire," Raven replies as he swipes his claws battered in orange blood.

Raven then heads toward the door where the Knight entered and proceeds to knock outside.

"He's finished with his therapy. Now let's hope he has time in reuniting with his brothers." The guard did as he's told and took the dead Knight out of his room.

Later, Raven sat on his desk again, crossing his fingers while thinking about what happened.

"This seems really interesting, a group of humans going from weaklings to warriors. Now, they may think that their newfound strength may stop us, but we have our Humans as well. But whether they kill them or not, it will show them that there's no such thing as a hero, only monsters."

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