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Hey guys!!!! I know, I know that the drawing is trash, but I promise that the story won't be. Well, i'll try not to make it garbage, well, hope you enjoy!

Sister...... Sis!


Come on! I have something awesome to show you!

You were irritated by your little sis, Pacifica. It was often that you would get woken up by her in the middle of the night and she was gonna show you something. She dragged you all the way to a place that had lots of water in it. "Wow! Sis.... this is awesome! How'd you find this place?" You looked up to the blue crystals that seemed to represent stars. "Well, sis, let's just say that I know my ways around here. Hey, I'm gonna show you something." She led you to a beautiful light blue flower, she leaned down to it's level, then she whispered "Echo." Echo, it repeated. You giggled in response, the flower repeated in a higher voice "How did you get it to do that?" You questioned as you poked the flower. "Hah, oh, come on, (Y/N)! You know I didn't do that, it's impossible that I did that! Anyway, they're called Echo Flowers, they repeat anything they hear. I thought it would be cool to show you this, ssoooooo yeah." Pacifica replied, you loved your sister dearly, she was the only one who understood you, she acted like she was the older sister and always helped you with everything, all your problems and.... well... problems. The two of you shared a great and unbreakable bond, you two were the little sweethearts of your town. Everybody loved you, and everything was perfect, but only one thing was in the way of perfection.

Your father.

He blamed you for your mother's death because you drained all her power down just so you can live. Your mother sacrificed just so you can live, so it basically was your fault. Your father would hurt you every time you did something wrong. Your sister could not defend you because your father is stronger than the two of you, and you two don't know how to use your powers, so you can't do anything about it (apart from begging which isn't really that effective). Anyway, the two of you spent hours in that one place, playing with the flowers and splashing the water. This place is known as the Waterfall (waterfalls?). After you spent your time there you started to walk home. "Wow, Pacifica. You should take me to places like this more often instead of dragging me to those other lame places you showed me. But... I'll admit. I had fun. Let's do this more often." You said as you ruffled your sister's hair, she crossed her arms, you chuckled, then your house came into view. You were upset because you know you were in BIG trouble. Your father is probably waiting at the doorway, preparing to actually kill you this time. But just then you realized that you stopped walking. "Sis? What's wrong?" Pacifica looked up to you "N-no..... nothing's wrong... I'm fine, don't worry about me." You tried to hide the fear and sadness in your face, your sister had a worried look on her face"Sis, don't worry, you'll be alright. Trust me. I won't let him hurt you." You look into each other's eyes, you knew everything was going to be okay. It fills you with Determination. But you sighed "No, Pacifica." You put your hands on her shoulders "Stay out of this. I can handle it. I have to act like an older sister..... for once..." you feel warm tears streaming down your face, but then something pulled you using your hoodie, your sister shouted your name "(Y/N)!!! Father, stop this! Please! Mom would not want this!" She pleaded as she followed you two into your house, your father threw you against the wall, you grunted in pain. "I don't care what your mother wants, either she wants this or not, this is the right thing to do, (Y/N) killed your mother, and her life isn't enough in exchange for your mother's life!" Your father screamed as he summoned sharp-ended bones "(Y/N)!" She cried as tears went down her face "St...ay....Out of this!" Too late, your sister jumped right in front of you, and with a blink of an eye, there was a bone through her rib cage, your eyes widened, your white pinpricks shrank, you can feel tears streaming down your face, your father stared in shock, you were speechless, she dropped to the ground, you put her on your lap "S-sis.... No.... this is all my fault... I told you to stay out of this... P-pacifica please... Don't leave me... You're the only one who understands me.... please..." you sob and hug her body close to you "(Y-Y/N)....You don't need me... I won't leave you... Because n-no m-matter what h...happens... I'll always be right here." She manages to mumble out as she points to where your heart should be if you were human, you were crying like crazy, you can't stand seeing her like this. She wipes your tears away "I love you (Y/N). Don't you ever forget that...." And just with that, she turned into dust, right in your arms. She's gone. The only person that ever loved and understood you, is dead. And what makes it worse is...

It's all your fault

You remembered you were still in a situation with your father, you stood up, and your left eye glowed green "You.... You did this... And you're the one calling me a killer. Do you realize what you have just done?! YOU KILLED PACIFICA! HOW DARE YOU!" Gaster Blasters were summoned behind you, along with some bones. The bones went flying towards your father, tears streaming down your face, with you remembering every single moment you've spent with Pacifica, and you know that nothing or nobody could make you as happy as she did. "You monster! You cold hearted MONSTER!" You attacked your father, with every shot missing him, because you don't want to kill him.. Because deep inside you know that you love your father just as much as your sister. "I thought you love me, but you don't, you think I'm the one who killed mom intentionally, you think I'm the worst thing that's happened to you, you think I'm a disaster waiting to happen and... and.... YOU JUST THINK I'M A BIG MISTAKE!!!" And with that the bones and the Gaster Blasters dissapeared, you ran your hands through your hair and you fell to your knees,"I try.... I try to be what you want me to be, but no matter what I do, I just mess things up... It's either I get someone hurt or killed... I just can't be happy with myself...heh... Maybe if I never existed, you, mom, and Pacifica would be living a happy and carefree life without me... But because of me, Pacifica, and mom are gone... I took away your perfect happy ending... Why won't you just kill me already," you stood up and looked like a mess "That's what you want right?! You want me dead! So if you wanna kill me, just do it already, because if you don't, maybe, just maybe... I'll do it myself! Go on!" You held your arms out and closed your eyes, expecting something to hit you hard.

But nothing hit you.

You opened your eyes to see your father stare at you in shock "I never knew that you thought of me this way... That I never loved you... That I wanted to kill you.. (Y/N), if I wanted to kill you, I would've done it a long, long time ago. And... and... I've always loved you, if I didn't want you... I never would've got married to your mother... I was hard on you because I wanted you to stand up for yourself, I wanted you to be strong so if I ever.... Wasn't there for you and Pacifica, you would know how to stand up for her.... I would never want to kill you... You have your mother's magic, and... It's the only thing that's left of her... I'm sorry, (Y/N)." Your father said, and you noticed he was crying, too. But you just couldn't forgive him... All the pain, sadness, and hatred in all the world is all he gave you in your whole life, he never showed you love, not even once, you really wanted to forgive him, but you can't. You really can't. "Wow. After all thhese years, you actually apologize to me? My whole life, you spent all your time with me, hurting me and scolding me, and you still think I can forgive you?!

"No, dear, I-"

"What is wrong with you?! All these years, I just wanted to be happy for once, but whenever I am, you do your thing and ruin everything for me!!! I can't and won't forgive you!!! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" (OMG I swore!!!) You were crying, you made your choice, you weren't forgiving him. Your father stared in shock, pain, and sadness. You ran upstairs and slammed the door and locked it shut, you went straight to bed, processing what the hell just happened.


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