Ending of the War II

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(Chapter 2)

(Hitsugaya VS. Halibel-Moments after his Bankai froze The Shark Empress)

"That's was the last of my strength. That's the closest I have ever been to controlling it."Hitsugaya said to himself as the remaining ice petals of his Bankai shattered, reverting him to his pre-Bankai state.

'Hyoten Hyakkaso... it took too much out of me... I feel... weak..."

Hitsugaya, knowing that he would be unable to support himself any longer, descended from the now blackened sky onto the nearest skyscraper several meters below him. As he landed, Hitsugaya finally and completely succumb to the effects of using his most powerful ability.

"I did it... she's gone..." Hitsugaya whispered to himself and started to take deep breaths and calm his over active nervous from his recent fight.

"Can't sleep..." Hitsugaya said to himself as he felt himself dosing off.

"I must help out." He said at the same time he felt blissful darkness come to him. They only thing that stopped him from fully succumbing to his exhaustion, was the suddenly knowledge that Aizen had broken out of the captain commanders prison.

"Aizen? Damn they broke out." He said while trying struggling to stand, only for him to once again hit the ground.

'Who am I kidding, I'll only be in the way... please... someone.... Give me the strength to fight Aizen...' He thought weakly.

Hitsugaya's felt his heart dropped when he came to realization.

'I can't sense her!" The white haired captain immediately used all his strength to get the ledge of the building and let his eyes scan over the destroyed town.

'Matsumoto... where are you?'

"She couldn't have been defeated." He thought and made to take off in the direction he had seen her last when he heard a loud 'Crack'

He slowly looked behind him and watch as the obelisk of ice began to crack and fall apart. He made sure to look at the Espada as the tower suddenly burst apart and came crashing down along with Halibel.

"Farewell... Tia Halibel." He said before once again trying to look for Matsumoto.

Hitsugaya made to fly off, but both his heart dropped and eyes widened as the sound of an Arrancar using Sonido filled his highly trained ears.

"Farewell?" A female's voice asked confusedly.

"Did you honestly expect an Espada to fall by that level of attack?" A feminine voice asked. Hitsugaya made to turn, but he suddenly gasped and soon began to spit up blood.

He immediately looked down and saw a huge, white, shark tooth-like zanpakto sticking out of his abdomen.

"How did...?" Hitsugaya brought his hand up to his mouth as blood continued to pour out, endlessly.

"Not even... scratched...' He thought weakly as his strength began to leave him.

"Each Espada has... well an aspect of death we govern over, the reason why people die, mine happens to be Sacrifice... I didn't blindly allow myself to get attacked by you. To sacrifice means to do it willingly. I attacked you knowing full well what could happen.... I am allowed to survive your greatest attack or trump card. I can only use this ability once a day, but I won't need to anymore. That attack was too powerful of you to use it again anytime soon."

Halibel twisted her Zanpakto in Hitsugaya before roughly pulling it out; he immediately fell to his knees facing away from Halibel, he tried desperately to draw breath as he looked up to the dark cloud above him. As he did so, he could faintly sense her raising her weapon above him.

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