Prt 1

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Edd... Wake up sweet heart." Spoke the sweet voice of Edds mother.

he simply moaned in responce and rolled over, he was never the kind of kid wanting to get up early, expecially today because today was the day that school started for him.

"five more minutes..." He whined making his mother chuckle "Ill make you pancakes for breakfast~" she said in a sing song voice. She always used pancakes as a trap to get Edd out of bed or to make him happy if he was upset over something.

Edds eyes suddenly opened wide and he jumped up in his bed smiling up at his mum "Pancakes?" He beamed and his mother nodded and Edd bolted out of his bed and to the kitchen. By the time his mother got there he was already sitting at the table waiting making her sigh happily and started to make Edd breakfast.

Once Edd finished his meal his mother told him to go brush his teeth and get dressed. Edd did his teeth first since he had learned from past accasions that toothpaste doesnt come out of shirts that easily. His variety in clothes was very limited, he dressed himself in the usually dark green long sleeve shirt and light green t-shirt over it and just any pants that he saw first in his cuboard, this was what he dressed in every day.

"Edd! Time to go hunny!" His mother called out and Edd ran to the frount room seeing his mother waiting with a green backpack in her arms.

"This has your lunch and pencil case and a few books in it for class." She said handing it to Edd

"Is my drawing book in there?" He asks quickly about to open the bag and check but him mother stops him with a reasuring smile "Yes sweetie its in there."

Edd smiled in relief. His mother stared down at him almost on the edge of tears. Edd notices and looses the smile and his expression changes to a serious frown "Whats wrong, mummy?"

She laughs quietly "I just cant believe how fast your growning up." She bends down and kisses him on the forehead making him giggle.

"Ill get a photo to send to daddy since hes not here, smile!" She pulls out her phone and takes a picture of Edd, sending it to his father.

"Why does he have to work?" Edd said sadly.

"Hes doing it for us Eddie, not for himself. Hes the one who is getting money for us to live in this house!" She smiled placing her hands on his shoulders making him smile lightly.

"Come on, you will be late to school." She stands back up and takes Edds hand walking out to the car.

*timeskip to the school*

Edd had said his farewell to his mother who had almost cried sending him inside but Edd wasnt sad, upset or afraid. 'how hard could school be?' He thought to himself as he looked around his surroundings.

There was a load of kids his age and maybe a few years older running around the building and the playground. He attempted to talk to some but they didnt really seem to notice him. He shrugged it off and gave up and ended up sitting down, leaning agenst a big tree and got his art book and pencils out and started to doodle away. Little did he know there was a small boy behind the tree nervously looking over Edds shoulder and down at his drawings.

After a few minutes the boy had gained enough courage to actually speak "I-I like your drawings." He said softly.

Edd looked up seeing a boy, about his age who was a tiny bit shorter than he was but the size of his spiky hair made him look taller than he really was. He had no eyes which made Edd curious but he didnt ask about them thinking he may take it rudly, he was wearing overalls and a yellow shirt underneath. He was half hiding behind the otherside of the tree and half standing out for Edd to see him and was hugging a little teddy bear.

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