Chapter 27 {Leaving Paradise}

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Sky's POV
After making sure Max was okay me and Red basically spent the rest of our time cracking inappropriate jokes and laughing at each other. "Aww man the sun is already setting!" I pout "I guess we have to meet up with the others then." Says Red swimming to the shore.
We walk around until we run into the other six "Hey guys!" I chirp "Hey!" Max and Ross say in unison. I look over and see Jin and Aphmau standing awfully close to each other. I walk up to Jin and whisper "Did it sail!" "Yup!" Says Aphmau "How did you hear Sky?" Asks Jin "I have ways." Says Aphmau smirking "Wait you two seriously got together!" I exclaim "Yes we did!" Says Jin confidently "That's awesome man!" I say patting Jin's back.
"Alright everyone needs to be wearing their accessory to get back." Says Red. Cory groans as Max hands him his necklace "Why weren't you wearing you necklace Cory?" Asks Aphmau "I'll explain when we're back at the house." Says Cory.
"Okay everyone form a circle!" Commands Red. Of course we all do so. Suddenly he throws something down making a loud crashing noise. When I open my eyes I see us standing next to the map inside the house.

Max's POV
"What the hell was that!" I shout jumping at the loud crashing noise and scaring Ross next to me "Geez dude." Says Sky "I. Hate. Jump. Scares." I say firmly looking over at Ross "Don't scare us like that!" Whines Ross "Yeah, not cool!" Says Jin.
Sky, Aphmau, Shelby, and Red all laugh at us.
Ross sits down on the ground and I sit next to him patting his back "Think fast!" Says Cory tossing his necklace at me. It hits me square in the head. "Please don't Max." Murmurs Ross "Aww don't be Mad Max!" Says Cory "That's it!" I shout attempting to walk out. Cory blocks my way smirking at me. I shove him and in return he trips me. I grab onto him and we fall down on the ground in the cliché position where one person is on top of another and their faces are close together, me being on the bottom.


"NONONONONONONONO!" I shout "What wrong with Max?" Asks Sky "I THOUGHT THIS WAS OVER!" I scream as the horrible memories of my time being kidnapped haunts my mind. I immediately forcefully shove Cory off me and scoot into a corner curling up into a ball repeating to myself "Not again... not again..."
I block out everything thing around me as my vision starts to go black and all I hear are muffled voices.

Ross's POV
I watch Max scoot into a corner curling up into a ball repeating to himself "Not again... not again..."
"Is Max okay?" Asks Cory "I-I'm not sure." I stutter approaching him.
"Hey Max you okay?" I ask.
No response.
Max continues to mutter 'not again' to himself over and over. "Max it's okay!" I say. He continues to mutter the same words. "Come on Max, you're safe here!" I say putting my hand in his shoulder.
Max immediately slaps it off looking at me. There are tears streaming down his face as he looks up and stares at me.
"R-Ross?" Says Max weakly "Yeah it's me your pal Ross!" I answer "Are you okay Max?" Asks Aphmau. Max shakes his head "No I'm not!" He says laughing a little "You're safe here Max, maybe if you talk about it it'll help." I say "You already know the story..." Whispers Max "What story?" Asks Sky.
I explain the story Max told me about him being kidnapped for the one month period.
"Oh my god..." Whispers Shelby.
After a while I finally get Max to calm down "I'm sorry Max." Says Cory Its not your fault Cory it's his fault!" Hisses Max, shuddering from his memories.
"Hey why don't we play a game?" Asks Aphmau "Yeah that sounds fun right?" Asks Sky "Anything but this." Says Max getting up and walking downstairs.

Shelby's POV
We all walk downstairs to the living room and sit down. "So what are we going to play?" I ask "Well each one of us ask a question and everyone answers honestly." Says Aphmau "Sounds good to me!" Says Red "You go first Aph since this was your idea." Says Jin.
Aphmau giggles and says "Your first kiss." Both Max and Cory at the same time say "Shelby." "Oohhh Shelby!" Says Sky making me blush "What was yours Aphmau?" I ask "I actually haven't had a first kiss." Answers Aphmau "Neither have I." Says Ross "Same here." Says Red raising his hand.
"Well mine was Max." I say seeing Cory ball up his fist in the corner of my vision "Okay now it's just Sky and Jin!" Says Cory. Jin starts thinking then blurts out "Oh no!" And Sky starts laughing "Who was it?" Asks Aphmau "Does it count if it was an accident?" Asks Jin "Yup!" Chirps Aphmau.
"Who was it?" I ask "Sky..." Mutters Jin "Sky!" Says Ross "Yup and mine was Jin!" Says Sky laughing. Jin buries his face into his hands.
"How the heck did that happen?" Asks Red "We were going around town and we were standing face to face talking and suddenly these two girls bump us together in mid conversation!" Says Sky still laughing.
Everyone but Jin starts laughing at this story and have to wait a few minutes before calming down.
"Okay Jin ask away!" Says Aphmau "Hmm, greatest fear?" Asks Jin "Well you guys already know mine."
Says Max "Mine would be being alone." Says Ross shuddering at the thought "Going insane..." Mutters Cory taking off his necklace "Well I'm most scared of not being able to help when I'm most needed." Says Jin "Mine has to be not being able to heal you guys." I say "Swimming." Says Aphmau "What?" Asks Sky "I can't swim!" Exclaims Aphmau "Okay well mine is losing you guys." Says Sky.
"What about you Red?" I ask "Not being able to get Mitch, Jerome, and Quentin back." Says Red looking down.
"We will get them back!" Says Sky lifting his fist to his chest and standing up "Yeah just wait!" Says Aphmau "Yeah I know, I just miss them." Says Red.
We continue with the questions and start laughing at the answers we get. At the end we managed to lighten the mood before heading off to bed.

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