Eliza~ I love you Cario

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You don't own me by Grace

This is what you came for- Calvin Harris, Rihanna 

Treat you better- Shawn Mendes 

Love me again-John Newman

Demons-Imagine Dragons

Like I'm Gonna loose You- Megan Trainer

It would be inaccurate to describe the atmosphere in the car as filled with tension. I would have used the word anxious and expectant. And of course all of it was coming from my side of the limo.

What on earth did he want from me? We had not even been properly introduced!  I folded my hands over my lap and looked up at the King through my lashes expectantly.
I was doing my best to read his face but his intentions were under lock and key.

The King leaned back and looked at me appraisingly. My body relaxed a bit since the distance between us increased. His closes proximity made me very uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat. I was so nervous it was choking me.

"So um.. erm do you know that Carlos and I are..." I trailed off.

"Yes, I am aware that you are involved with my son. Everybody is aware of your..relationship."

I noted a hint of disdain in his voice. He ground his last words out with contempt as if Carlos and I being together was a crime. It was the first sign of emotion that I've seen from him. I preferred cold indifference honestly. What did he mean by everyone? Like the press? The world? I suddenly felt my stomach drop. Fuck.

"Oh.."  I muttered look down at my lap, smoothing my nervous fingers over sparkly dress.

"Eliza." My head snapped up. His sudden change in expression shocked me. He was livid. 

" I will get straight to the point. There is one purpose for our meeting tonight. And one purpose alone. And it is to tell you that you and my son, Cario will never last. You may think that you have him hooked and that one day you will be crowned Queen with a Ruby crown placed on your head and all of the rights that come with that honor. But you are terribly mistaken. My son does not love anybody, let alone someone such as your meager self. He will find a girlfriend that is human. That is his duty to his people to ensure peace," he spit. My eyes widened and I sat up straighter. Queen?  

"And I am well aware that duty may be a foreign word to you, so I will explain," he said condescendingly.       " Cario needs a wife that has a family. A picture perfect family to be exact. And you my dear have no family other that a pathetic excuse for a brother who's an irresponsible drunk, that has potential scandal written all over him." 

 I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. I was frozen with tears clouding my eyes.

I never wanted any of those things. I just wanted Carlos.

"Don't talk about my brother," I said quietly through clenching my teeth. 

"You don't know as much as you think you do," I stated, my voice trembling.

He scoffed. "I know everything." 

I took a deep breath, inhaling through my nostrils. Pushing down my knee jerk reaction to cuss during a confrontation. I did not want anything I said to come back and bit Carlos in the ass.

"No disrespect your highness, but I do not think my relationship with your son is any of your business. You should just be happy for him. I'm sorry that the death of my parents was so inconvenient for your idea of a perfect family image but it was not so perfect to begin with."

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