Ending of the War I

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(All techniques are now in Japanese and an English translation is at the bottom of the chapter so if your confused about the meaning of a technique check there. It will be at the end of every chapter...)

(Chapter 1)

The remnants of the fake Karakura, consisting of only ruble and dust, was now the battle field for the Arrancar's of Hueco Mundo and the Captains of Soul Society. The war, after several hours of endless fighting, was coming to an end, but in no way that either side would imagine.

Aizen Sosuke, the ruler of all Hueco Mundo, regarded the enemy before him. No matter how many steps he had planned ahead of the Captains, he now came to realize that this war could end in favor for either side. He knew that the Espada were not strong enough to challenge Soul Society, it would have been ridicules to think so, but he had expected them to at least perform better than they had.

He, now, knew he should have escaped the captain commander's fire the moment it had engulfed the ex-captains instead of claiming that he wouldn't have to lift a finger.

His own arrogance, and the misplaced faith he had put in his Espada, was his down fall. Unfortunately it was too late when he decided to take action, which happened to be when Barragan and Halibel were seemingly defeated.

(Moments after; Soifon's Bankai "obliterated" Barragan and Stark's release).

Within the flame prison ...

"I never thought, that after all the trouble I put into gathering the Espada, that I alone... would be more powerful than the lot of them." Aizen said more to himself than his two subordinates.

"Don't go blame'n yourself on their performance. This was anticipated after all, but now I think we hit a little snag. Don't cha think?" Gin replied while he bore his usual fox grin.

"Only the Primera is left, even he cannot take on Hitsugaya, Komamura, Soifon, Ukitake, Shunsui, and the captain commander alone." Tosen addressed quietly.

"I agree, Stark shouldn't have needed to release until a much later time." Aizen spoke solemnly. His calm expression covering his irritation.

'Such a sloppy performance; Aizen thought resignedly.

All of a sudden they felt the spiritual of the Captain Commander appear before the remaining Espada.

"Amazing. Stark isn't even batting an eyelash, nevertheless, the old man will go all out from the beginning, Stark won't stand a chance."Gin said in an amazed tone, impressed with the Primera.

"Stark will meet the same end as his brethren if he is left to his own devices... He might as well; he is now all alone, which is his greatest fear. Death... will be his escape from his loneliness." Tousen stated

"Death... Shall we fill the skies with the smell of it?" Aizen proposed as he held up his right index finger in front his chest and began exerting a decent amount of reiatsu.

'It's incredible that I need to use such a high leveled kido to escape the fire. Gin and Tosen moved back as far as possible, and waited patiently for Aizen to open the path before them.

"Bakudo #94: Katsu Sukai"

Reiatsu suddenly began surging out of Aizen at a tremendous rate and began to take the form of a great, bright blue, reiatsu manifested scythe.

Aizen grabbed the Scythe by its handle and swept the blade in an 'X' shaped pattern.

Gin and Tosen covered their faces as the blast, that followed, literally tore into the fire in its path, and effortlessly dispelled the fire prison in its entirety.

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