Chapter Twenty-One - Future

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I had a dilemma. The four of us, us being Connor, Jacobi, Kyle and myself, were all crashing at my dad's tonight. Only, I didn't know where to sleep. In the guest room with Kyle? In the other guest room with Jacobi? At this point, I was tempted to share the sofa with Connor.

"What if I sleep in the living room, Connor and Jacobi share a room and Kyle gets his own?" I suggested.

Kyle shot me a sardonic look, "What's wrong with sharing a room with me?"

I bit my lip from laughing when I caught Jacobi rolling his eyes. Connor winked at me. I glanced at my dad who was pulling out sheets and pillows for Connor. "Because her father doesn't delight in that idea." He saved me.

"Exactly. I'll just sleep here." I decided.

"No." Jacobi protested with a shake of his head. "You take the guest room and I'll sleep on the couch. Connor and Kyle can share the other room."

"I'll take the couch." Kyle announced. "The Prince and Connor can have the spare room and Alaska can have the other one."

"Just because I'm royalty doesn't mean I can't sleep on a couch." Jacobi responded irately. "Just take the bloody room with Connor."

"Maybe I should take the couch and Kyle and Cobi can share the guest room." Connor teased with a cheeky smile.

I giggled despite the fact that Kyle and Jacobi looked thoroughly unimpressed by that suggestion. The two men would kill one another in their sleep. "Guys, let me just take the couch. I'm smaller I'll be the most comfortable on it."

"I agree with that." My father backed me up. "Kyle take the smaller room. Prince Jacobi and Connor can share the other room."

"Just let me take the couch." Kyle protested. "I'd rather Alaska have the other room. She'll want to change and stuff and she'll be more comfortable if she had privacy."

I smiled at Kyle sweetly. "Okay then we'll do that. Thanks, babe."

"Well that took longer than building Rome." My father rubbed his jaw slowly, speaking in a dry voice.

Connor laughed loudly, "I found the situation quite hilarious."

"I have a feeling you find many things hilarious." Dad replied with an amused grin.

"It's a talent of mine." Connor shrugged.

I shook my head. Connor could clear the tension in a room like a slamming gavel. "Alright, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Kyle and Jacobi said at the same time. Kyle took a step towards me and I gulped. Oh God he wasn't about to kiss me in front of Jacobi was he? Somehow, the thought was mortifying. He gripped my waist, leaning down, last minute I turned my face so he caught my cheek with his lips.

Guilt consumed me. But so did relief. The last thing I wanted was for Jacobi to watch us kiss. He didn't deserve that and I didn't really want him to see it. I glanced at Jacobi and found that he was purposely looking away, his jaw clenched tightly.

Kyle stared at me with a wounded expression. I shot him an apologetic look before turning on my heels, all but fleeing from the living room.


I woke, from an extremely disgruntled sleep, to the sound of light knocking on the bedroom door. Yawning, I muffled a "come in" in a groggy voice.

The door opened a slither and my father's head peeked through the gap, "morning, Al, I know it's a little early but I thought you and I could grab breakfast and then get you a new phone. I do recall you saying you threw yours in the trash." He chuckled amusedly.

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