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"THE PLAYERS GONNA PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY BUT IM JUST GONNA SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE-" Ryan's ringtone blasted out, waking Brendon from his sleep.

He was still curled up with his boyfriend on the bed, both falling asleep from the exhaustion of crying their eyes out for an hour. "Hello?" He asked tiredly, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
"Hey Bren. I thought you were going to come over here and hang out with us after you found Ryan. The guys are heading over here in an hour or two to celebrate but I kinda wanted to talk to you alone before they came." Pete's voice echoed through the speaker.

"I- we will be over in a bit. Just... See you soon." Brendon glared down. He had the right to be at least a little angry that his best friend almost let his boyfriend die.

"hey Ry we gotta get up okay baby? We're gonna head over to Pete's soon." He smiled slightly, watching as Ryan groggily opened his eyes before lifting himself up to change. How could someone so beautiful almost end their life?
After the two both got changed they walked out to the car and got in, Turing on the radio. "I love you so much you know? I just... If I was a minute too late I wouldn't of saved you." Brendon sighed, keeping his eyes on the road.

"And I'm so grateful you did. I only did it because I couldn't live without you. Your the only thing that has kept me alive all this time but when you fell into that coma I felt like you would never come back. But now your back and it's crazy- I feel totally fine as if I never did any of this shit." Ryan said, motioning to his covered up arms.

The drive the short way to Pete's house with filled with the sounds of Green Day and pretty soon they were there. Once Brendon stepped out of the car, a rage enveloped him.

His boyfriend almost died tonight and Pete did absolutely nothing to help when he was in the coma. It was sickening. When he knocked on the door, hand in hand with Ryan, Patrick answered with a smile. "Hey Brendon, Ryan!"
The boy looked like a new person now that he had Brendon back- all of the dark lifted from his eyes and the smile back on his lips.

"I... Some things happened involving my father and I live here now but it's okay I guess." He said hesitantly as he lead the way down the stairs towards the 'hang out room' where Pete was already preparing food for when his friends would arrive.

"Hey guys! You have a romantic reunion?" He greeted, face lighting up as he saw the boy. It was so good that his best friend was back and okay instead of asleep on the brink of death.

"Hey... Pete. We need to talk. In private." Brendon glared, walking into another one of the many bedrooms, the other trailing behind. "Yeah of course. So you missed out on a lot-"

"So did you." The taller replied, watching as Pete's face twisted into confusion. "What?"
"Do you know how Ryan was after I went into a coma?"
"Honestly? No. For the first 2 weeks me and Ry just sat in the hospital with you. We were a mess when it first happened, afraid of loosing you until Patrick found out what happened and came around everyday. He took away the pain and I guess I just kind of forgot about Ryan. I'm really sorry for not helping him out but I do know Mikey and Dallon really tried to help- he just wouldn't listen."

"yeah you want to know why he wouldn't listen? Because he was fucking depressed!" Brendon yelled, watching as the boys face melted into anger.
"I can't change anything okay? Listen, Ryan's one of my best friends too and I feel bad for not helping him but-"

"There's no but you piece of shit! Ryan almost commit suicide. When I- When I came into his room, he was jumping off a chair with a rope around his neck. Do you understand how fucking bad it is to have to save your boyfriend from killing himself? No one should have to do that." Brendon said, tears falling from his eyes.

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