Thank You! A/N

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Hey guys Yurie here and I wanted to say thank you again for 4K views. I know me saying thank you is probably getting really redundant but I really do appreciate you guys.

I decided for 4K special I'll write one shots of any ship you like from Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries/My Street and the ships from Skymedia offices. I'll do other ships you can look at my profile description on which ones I'm familiar with and get the gist of which ones I can do.

So comment down below which ships you want to see in action!
And please no shipping war. I understand you're OTP in your eyes rains supreme but to me they're all on equal grounds and I would like everyone to get along. If you don't like a ship then please just ignore it instead of attacking.

I'm going to be creating another book called 'Yurie's One Shots' which is where all the one shots will be.

All the ships will just be fluffy fluff because I just don't want to write more then that.

So yeah that's basically all I have to say.

Yurie Out!

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