(Personalized) Romantic Austin Imagine

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"God, baby you look so good tonight." Austin says to you as you're driving to a fancy restaurant. 

You giggle and feel yourself blush. "Thanks. You look nice, too. But you can admire the way I look when we get out of the car." You wink at him.

He smirks. "Yeah, I wouldn't want that pretty little dress of yours to ger ruined." He grabs your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours, leaving one hand on the drivers wheel.

It's yours and Austin's 1 year anniversary. You're wearing a long, tight-fitting red dress, with black stilettios. Your hair is in a waterfall braid and curled at the bottom. You have on black eyeliner with gold eyeshadow, mascara and bright red lipstick. Austin is wearing a red vest with a black jacket over it, black pants and red hightops. (What he wore to the VMA's) 

He pulls into the parking lot and quickly hops out of the car so he can open the door for you. He does, and intwertwines his fingers with yours once again. Paparazzi is all over the place, and they're taking lots of pictures. It gets hard to see and your starting to feel light headed, but you can't push through them because there are so many.

"Austin..." You turn to Austin with a pained look on your face.

Austin wraps his arm around your waist and guides you through the paparazzi. "MOVE! This is our 1 year anniversary, stop ruining it!" He shouts at the paparazzi.

"Sorry Mr. Mahone. We have a table ready for you." A waiter from the restaurant comes out. 

"Thank you. Can you take her in?" The next thing you know, the waiter is escorting you inside while Austin stays outside to deal with the paparazzi.

You're lead to the table and order drinks. A little bit later, Austin comes in, frustrated. He sits down.

"Assholes.." He mutters under his breath. 

You reach your hand across the table and grab his hand. "Don't let them ruin our night."

Austin perks up and smiles at you. "You're right. I'm just sorry you had to deal with that. Does your head hurt?" He looks at you with concern in his eyes.

You giggle at his worry for you. "I'm fine, baby. I promise." 

He nods, then squeezes your hand tighter. "Can you believe it's been a year?" 

You smile. "An amazing year! It's been the best of my life." 

"It's been the best year of my life, too. Thank you for making it that way Gaby."

A sudden memory hits you. You start to laugh. Austin just looks at you and waits for you to finish so you can explain. "D-do you re-remember the time when y-you were making breakfast a-and-"

Austin cuts you off with a laugh of his own. "Don't even bring that up! That was awful!" You're both laughing at this point. Then Austin stops suddenly.

You stop, too. Feeling a little worried. "What?" He shakes his head with a smile and looks down at his lap. You grab his hand again and squeeze it. "No, really. What?"

"It's just... That was the first time I told you that I loved you."

"Wow. I can't belive you remember that." You whisper.

"How could I forget? It was the day that I fell completely head over heels in love with you."

"I love you, Austin."

"I love you, too, Gaby."

Austin gets up from his seat and leads you to a dark spot in the restaurant, where nobody can see you. Once you arrive to that spot, Austin wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him. He crashes his lips to yours in the most passionate way possible. Your lips start to move in sync and Austin slides his tongue along your bottom lip. You pull away.

"Not here, you'll mess up my lipstick." You whisper in his ear and walk back to your table.

Austin sits down. "You sure know how to tease me, babe." He winks. "But that's one of the things I love so much about you."

(*Idk I hope this one was okay. I don't really know how "romatic" it was but I tried. Anyways, vote! :D *)

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