The After

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Its been such a long time...:( Well heres a new story tell me what you think of the prologue and if or if not i should continue! comment, vote and fan if you want! i love you all! :D <3


The After


Everyone wonders where they go after they die.

            Does there life simply end, no happiness or cruelty waiting for them in the future? Does their soul float in within the elements, and swirl in with the wind, mix in with the gentle waves of water? Or are you actually sleeping, and just wake up?

            But that was the thing, what would you wake up to?

            Would the skies cast over in a fatal grey that pounded onto you, pushing the air out of your very lungs, suffocating you into yourself? The ocean would become a sea of blood, the thick red liquid covering over the ground, drowning the injustice just to bring them back to the misery. Each droplet of rain should be but a horrid memory, and if no guilt felt then it should worsen with each drop that hits you, or it could be acid that burns through your skin, making you scream in the pain of your sorrows.

            Or would you awake in a field? A field flooded with the cherished memories of the past, a field full of the life that escaped your grasp when you slept so soundly in your sleep. A baby blue would overpower the skies, making the clouds disappear from the sight of the beloved and into the sights of the hatred. The sun would always shin, and each would dwell in their perfect temperature for them, and only wishing to be cold or hot when decided. Their bodies remain their figments of their imaginations, the gorgeous curves and muscles that rippled under their thin shirts.

            Would you wake up in your heaven or hell? Or would you sit, wait, until you reached one of them, waiting in the After? Would you wander the emptied streets of paved tar, the wind blowing over you-through you- into what lies in eternal end? A think fog hovering around you, consuming each step you took, only the scary yet joyous sounds enveloping your ears.

            This is were you would be then, this is where she was.

            She was in the After.

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