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"I have a perfect idea that everyone will love!"

Ben exclaims as he sits down at our lunch table.

It has been surprisingly entertaining having lunch with these people.

After some time, people got used to the fact that Colin and I are dating and stop with the negative comments and Jessica moved on to some quarterback from another school team.

What can I say?

Once a hoe, forever a hoe, poor girl.

Anyways back to Ben's huge announcement.

"We are all going on a Camping trip for Spring break!"

Diana squeals and we all cover our ears, trying not to end up deaf.

"I'm in. My sister going to my grandma's house and my parents will be cool with it."

Liam says and chomps down on his cardboard school pizza.

"Oh you know I'm in. This is going to be so much fun. I can already see it."

Diana says and I chuckle at her excitement. Samantha nods while sipping her water as if saying yes too.

It's now down to me and Colin and when I turn, I realize that he's already looking at me.

"Um, I'll ask Lizzie and then let you guys know." Colin nods and I guess won't tell us if he can go or not until I do.

After some deep thought, I finally decided that I would visit my dad yesterday.

He's more human now that he isn't wasted and seems to have come to his senses and has apologized for his actions.

Does sorry help all the pain throughout the years.

Six years.

I was pushed down.

Tore apart and completely alone and lost to the world. Filled me with so much blame.

Colin has helped me so much.

Probably more that he realize and that why I love him so much.

Hold up...I love Colin...

I turn and look at Colin and he shows his breathtaking smile before going back to the conversation with Liam.

I'm in love with Colin.

And while I felt like I've known that for some time, it hasn't seemed to hit me until now.

"I know that face."

Diana announces, looking at me and then she gets up and pulls my arms, successfully pulling me out the seat and leaving Colin with a confused face as she dragged me away.

"Don't worry she's coming back!"

Diana shouted and he slowly nods and I smile, trying to show that it was okay.

I wasn't fully sure if I was, though, to be honest.

We stop in the empty hallway and I lean against one of the lockers as she looks at me expecting for me to spill.

"What exactly do you want me to tell you?" She huffs out sit looking annoying.

"You're in love with Colin. I know that look Hope. You can't deny it."

But I can try...

"I have no clue what you're talking about. We haven't gotten to the stage of our relationship yet. Yeah, I have known him for years but it's not like that."

She rolls her eyes at me and I can tell that I may not be able to come pass this.

"Hope why can't you see that you're crazy about him. You can't even have a proper conversation with me when he's around and you have that intense look in your eyes. I don't understand how since Colin's annoying."

"Hey don't talk about him like that!" She grinned at me and I sighed.

"Fine. I love Colin. Shit, I'm in love with him."

"You are?"

A new voice chimed in and I turn my head to look at the one and only Colin.

"Hey, I should go help... do something...okay bye."

Diana speed walks past both of us and Colin walks closer to me. I would move but my feet seem stuck in that spot as he continues to walk and my voice seems to have gotten lost somewhere in my throat.

"Hope do you mean it, what you said?"

I nod, seeing as it's the only thing I'm capable of doing and he warm hands hold the sides of my face, drawing me closer to him.

The electricity goes through both of us and his deep blue eyes capture me.

His soft lips breath against mine and he somehow always manage to smell like mango and pineapples.

He grins at me and it's contagious that I'm smiling too, so big that my mouth hurts.

"I'm in love with you Hope Carter. With everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, those eyes, your personality, the way you light up a room without even knowing it. Or when you don't even think you're beautiful when you're a gorgeous girl. You've helped me love Hope Carter. More than you'll ever know."

My breath hitch and my eyes widen.

"Say something please."

He looks me in the eyes and then down to my lips and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his head closer to mine.

"Why speak when I can show you."

I whispered in his ear and connected my lips with his.

My heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest and my stomach was holding a thousand dragons.

He kisses with all the passion and lust and all the feelings inside of him and I seem to be doing the same.

"Well, shit!" Liam says and Colin and I pull apart from each other looking at the group.

"Y'all were about to eat each other's faces."

Samantha says and my face turns bright red. Colin just smiles and wraps his arm around my waist.

After school ended, Colin dropped me off at Lizzie's and he kissed me goodbye.

"Hey Liz, I'm home."

I dropped my bag by the door and kicked off my shoes.

"Hey, I'm in the kitchen."

I walk into the kitchen to find her cooking something and I took a seat near the counter.

"So the gang wanted to go camping and I was wondering if you'll be okay with that."

She put down the spatula and smiled at me.

"Finally, you're coming out of your shell. Of course, you can go."

Now I just had to get packing.

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