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A true saying would have to be All good things must come to an end.

Why do I say this you ask?

Well, when it's no school today and you are planning on sleeping in for at least three-fourths of the day and then to find out that while you're having a good dream, something that doesn't usually happen to you, considering all the bullshit that happens in your life, is ruined.

Let's just say that you're not the happiest person in the world.

Can't Stop This Feeling filled the four walls of the room that Lizzie so kindly let me stay in and I pull my covers over my head, mumbling many curses.

Of course, that doesn't get rid of the constant sound drumming in my ear.

I come out of my cocoon of sheets and reach the bedside table.

When I don't feel it, I then twist my body so my arm can reach the floor and catch the device.

Diana glows on the screen which is a picture from homecoming and I groan, hitting answer.


I mumble, covering myself more into the covers.

"Oh my goodness! H, did I wake you! Are you okay with H, how do you make a nickname for Hope. I don't know, fuck that shit! Anyways we're coming by in 30 to take you to the beach so be ready and no isn't an answer. Wear something sexy! Chao!"

She hangs up and I rub my head from how loud she was.

The time shows 12 am and the sun is trying to peep from my curtains.

I stretch in the bed and fully move the sheets off of me.

"Is Hope finally awake?"

I hear can Lizzie say, sarcasm filling her words.

I nod as I'm way too tired to have a comeback for her and head to the bathroom.

Once I have what I needed for the beach. I walk into my room and pick out an old plain blue shirt and some gym shorts.

A knock on the bedroom door draws me from looking for a bathing suit.


I look at Lizzie and then down at what's she is trying to show me which is a bikini that looks amazing and the way to sexy to be wearing.

"I could hear that girl from down the hall."

I laughed taking the suit from her and looking at it again.

"I couldn't possibly wear this. It's too much and I could just wear something I got."

She shakes her head and smiles at me, pushing the clothing closer to me.


I say and she nods, heading down the stairs. I close the door and put on the suit.

I put the clothes on top because I feel like the suit shows too much still and head out, yelling bye to Lizzie.

Colin was outside leaning against his car in the driveway. Only wearing his blue swim shorts.

I admired his ripped chest until he looks up from his phone.

"Hey, beautiful."

He says winking and coming over to me. I blush back at his comment and hug him.

We both head inside the car and was at the beach in no time.

"No! No! No!"

Diana's voice sounded the parking lot as I stepped out and I prayed that my ears would still be working by the time I leave.

"I said to wear something sexy and you don't even have a bathing suit on."

Little does she know.

"Hi to you too Diana."

She huffs and we walk towards the spot where everyone is.

Ben, Liam and Samantha waves at us and I wave back.

"Are we going swimming or what!" Ben shouts and we all laugh.

I pull off my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my bathing suit.

"Damn girl!"

I laugh at Colin's statement and pull his arm, leading to the water.

"Well, I fully take back my statement from earlier. Girl, you looking good." Diana says as we get into the water.

This girl is something else.

It's a good thing that I came out here I guess.

The water is really clear today and while many people are out here, there not very loud like most times and all chatting away.

The boys are playing football in the water and Diana is telling us some long drawn out story that I can't even remember what it is about.

Something about a trip to Paris or maybe she went there. I'm just going to stop trying.

"Oh, my, Hope are you even paying attention!"

I nod my head at her question and I can see Samantha smiling at us from the corner of my eye, probably thinking this is funny.

"Sure you were, what was one thing that I said?"

I look around as if that would possibly help me find the answer but am saved when Colin's body collided with mine.

"Babe you wanna play a game with us?"

I nod my head and Diana narrow her eyes at me and go to the other boys agreeing to play too.

"Oh what the heck. I'll play too." Samantha says, joining us.

We are playing a game of basically getting the football to a certain side on the water before the other team does.

No one goes by the rule and trying to cheat in some way or form. There's a moment in a life of pure happiness.

When you're surrounded by the people who you love and love you.

When everything is okay, and nothing could possibly stop you from smiling.

These days are the days I wish could last a lifetime.

Days that I could forever keep and hold onto.

Many people have these moments and they take them for granted.

Thinking that more will come their way and they'll be nothing to worry about.

Yet, that isn't the case. So we should always appreciate the good times in life.

Make memories, go out into the world. Have fun.

We never know what may happen.

"Hey Hope, aren't you going to join us?" I smile at nod at my friends.

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