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Josh woke up in his bunk above Tyler.
He rubbed his eyes and pulled the curtain back.
He climbed down and went to his drawer of clothes and got some sweats.
The bus was moving,but only him and their driver were awake.
He reached in the cabinet and got a paper bowl for his cereal.
He heard the door to the hall of the bunks slide open.
Josh looked as the closed the door to the mini fridge holding the gallon of milk.
"Mornin'" he said.
Tyler smiled at him as he rubbed his eyes.
He's not exactly what you'd call a "morning person".
"Dude,I had a dream you were a painter and your paintings sucked.
Like they were just awful." Tyler said.
Josh threw his head back and laughed.
He poured his milk and put it back,then got a plastic spoon to eat.
Tyler grabbed an apple off the counter and headed towards the couch to get clothes out of his drawer underneath it.
He slipped on a T-shirt and basketball shorts and sat across from Josh at the booth.
Josh got out his phone.
Tyler watch his movements.
He was scrolling and tapping on things and reading while he ate.
Josh smirked at the screen.
"What?" Tyler asked curiously.
"We should film ourselves reading these fanfics." Josh replied showing him the screen.
It was a photoshopped picture of them kissing with the title "more than friends"
Tyler winced.
"Ew,dude. I don't wanna see that ever again."
Josh nodded his head and widened his eyes in agreement.
Tyler watched Josh's eyebrows as they tightened in confusion.
"Please don't tell me it's another picture of us kissing-or worse."
Josh didn't react.
"No it's a-uh-hate page. Like for us."
Tyler sobered and frowned.
"Oh. What's it say?"
"I don't want to read it." He sighs and hands Tyler his phone.
"'How is it *frickin* possible 27,000 people actually like these 2 idiots.'"
"It doesn't say frickin." Josh correct.
"I realize." Tyler said as he handed the phone back to Josh.
"So what,man? Happens all the time."
Tyler was slightly bothered,but he reassured himself.
"There's more." Josh tossed his phone on the table I'm anger as he picked up his bowl and threw it away.
Tyler got the phone an began to read again.
"What's up with this dude screaming? He's so annoying."
Tyler read to himself.
"What's the deal with all this suicidal crap? They need to get over themselves."
The list went on and on and on.
He continued to read for a few minutes.
Tyler thought they'd never stop.
His face began to turn red.
Josh noticed.
"It's okay,Ty. This is gonna happen. We just have to deal with it."
He have josh his phone back and stomped into the bathroom.
"Tyler." Josh said.
Tyler ignored him. Something inside him was triggered.
Tyler closed and locked the door.
"Suicidal crap." Those idiots don't get it. They don't know what it's like-THEYLL NEVER UNDERSTAND!
A tear rolled down his cheek.
He looked in the mirror and wiped it off quickly.
Come on,man. Get yourself together,it's just a couple of dumb tweets. There's so many people out there that love you. These haters just don't understand.
They understand,Tyler.
They understand that you're a worthless fraud.
Shut up! I'm not a fraud! I'm talented!
You're so eat up with yourself. You're nothing.
Be quiet.
You can stop me,Tyler.
You'll never get rid of me.
I'm going to win this.
"Shut up!" Tyler screamed.
He quickly realized that it wasn't in his head.
Josh was standing out side of the door.
"Tyler,it's ok. You didn't read the comments."
"What do you mean?"
Josh held up his phone and read.
"'Wtf are you talking about? They're more talented than you'll ever be.'"
Josh read them aloud.
"'Yeah 27,000 people that absolutely love them and theirs nothing you can say to change that.'"
"'You're just jealous of their talent.'"
"'I'm sick of seeing crap like this. What have they done to you?'"
Tyler opened the door and looked at Josh.
Tyler sniffled.
Josh wrapped his arms around him.
"It's gonna be okay,Tyler. I think we're pretty awesome."
Tyler smiled and hugged him back.

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