Descoveries and romance

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Soon as menma gave everyone there cloaks as he he pulled his hood up "let's go guys" he says looking at us.

"Um why do I...uh we have cloaks with red clouds on them" sasukie asks "I couldn't find any more so I stole some from the akasuki" menma  emitted looking at them "how" naruto asks "when we excaped the building I stole two" menma says as he looked away.

Sasukie sighed as he chopped menma in the head "bad stealing is bad" he says unhappy with menma choice.

Sasuke sighed as he looked over at naruto who was looking down not bothering to make any eye contact with anyone at all he seemed deep in thought though "hey naruto you ok" Sasuke asks looking at the sad fox in front of him and though naruto didn't say anything Sasuke understand as he stands by naruto's side and held the blonds hand softly and protectively "don't worry I'm by your side" Sasuke says softly as he looked around to see no one was looking, as he kissed naruto's cheek making the blond fox blush deeply and softly squeaze Sasuke hand making the Uchiha chuckle as he smiled softly.

"Let's hurry up and go" Sasuke says as he started walking gaara nodded and followed behind along sasukie, menma, and killer bee as they walked though out the forest and who knew how long it was gonna take for them to get to were they needed to be.

Soon Naruto smelled something quiet familiar as his ears went up and all 9 of his tails wagged happily "Naruto you ok" Sasuke asks as he looked at Naruto and notice that his 9 tails were showing and wagging happily "ramen I smell ramen" naruto says happily wagging his tails as he started running though he was struggling to ashe was being held back by menma who was face palming.

"Hmm are you like naruto" gaara asks as he looked at menma who nodded "there's no point on pretending anymore then" menma says as he wagged his 9 tails while looking st gaara.

"Naruto stopped our secrets out"enma says as naruto stopped and looked at them "uh" was all naruto could says before falling to his knees "don't worry your the ones" gaara says as his tail come out as his wagged.

Killer bee smiled "wow great I got one to" he rapped as he had 8 tails.

Naruto and menma smiled at each other then at the other two "glad to meet other jinjuriki" naruto says smiling as he broke free as he started running sasuke started to follow naruto to where ever he was going.

Soon as they made it naruto found a bowl laying around by it self as he wagged his tails and went over to it just about to eat it was was tackled by sasuke as they rolled around for a bit.

Actually they were now rolling down a mountain actually so ya it was a fine but painful fall.

When they stopped sasuke was on top of naruto as the two looked into each other's eyes blushing "s-sasuke" naruto whispers as he looked at the uchiha on top of him "naruto" sasuke whispered back as they soon were silent.

With out know sasuke leaned in slowly as they were now touching noses soon after a few seconds they kissed.

"Sasuke...naruto to" someone yelled as they two pulled away and blushed deeply as they moved away from each other as menma ran down the hill along with sasukie as they ran over to there brothers "what happened" menma asked "are you guys ok" sasukie asked.

Sasuke didn't make eye contact as he sighed "ya were fine" sasuke says "ya we just rolled down the hill" naruto asked though he didn't say what just happened between them.

"How did that happen" menma asked "naruto round ramen on the group it was left alone I suspected it to be a trap so I pushed him around and we rolled down the hill" sasuke says.

"Did anything happen" sasuke asked "no nothing happened" naruto and sasuke lied.

Menma and sasukie nodded as they helped there brothers up from the ground "ok as long as your both not hurt come on let's go we gotta leave this forest" sasukie says.

Naruto soon sensed something from his brother as his ear twitched slightly "menma" naruto says looking at his brother who looked at him "ya naruto what is it" menma asks as he looked at his twin "y.....your..marked aren't you" naruto says/whispers as he looked at his twin who was blushing madly "w-w-w-what...what a-a-are you t-t-talkung about I'm no m-m-marked" menma stuttered, as he blushed a deep red looking at his two "you are oh my god kyuubi is gonna be so ticked if he finds out" naruto says as he placed his hands over his mouth.

"W-w-what no that not true I'm not really naruto" menma lied as naruto pointed at his neck "really than what's that" he says as menma looked away "s-sh-shut up already" menma Stuttered and looked away and started walking fast "your in such trouble menma" naruto says as he ran after his brother who didn't want to hear it at all as he walked faster "so is that why you and sasukie were gone for so long" naruto says as he smirked.

Sasuke looked at naruto who's tails were wagging happily "hey sasuke what's wrong" sasukie asked his brother who was deep in thought "huh oh nothing just thinking" sasuke says as he continued walking "oh really" sasukie says "shut up before I tell itachi you broke his rules to not do anything with the kitsune" sasuke says as sasukie blushed a deep red.

"H-huh but" sasukie was confused and embarrassed at the same time as he watched his brother leave but soon he  started walking behind the 3 as they made there  way quietly.


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