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Such a joy for a quiet wizarding village to experience a white Christmas a soft blanket of snow had fallen earlier in the day. While families were inside opening presents and enjoying the company of family and friends, the snow was left untouched, leaving the ground a serene look of peace and happiness on earth. Candles were lit in windows and trees were decorated with ornaments, as the final hours of the night were approaching an end. Families were settling down at the dinner tables to enjoy a lovely home cooked meal and for the Dabney family, they too were sitting down for dinner but it was far from lovely or tradition.

Sitting upstairs in his room, the youngest member of the family and the only child, Matthew was settled on the floor fumbling around with a few blocks. The nine-year-old was attempting to make a building of some sort when suddenly, he heard a loud bang from downstairs. Instantly, his body became rigid and he was incredibly still as he held the wooden building block in his hand. His ears strained to hear anything that was taking place downstairs and finally, he heard someone walking up the stairs. Instantly, the child shoved all the blocks under his bed and crawled back to the centre of his room.

Within seconds of the last sound of someone coming off the stairs, the door to Matthew's bedroom opened, revealing his father standing in the doorway. Lit in his mouth was a cigarette, a smokey haze covering the man's face as he peered down at his son.

"What are you doing up here all alone, Matthew?" He questioned in a gruff tone, taking a long drag and then pulling the cigarette from his mouth. "Shouldn't you be downstairs, with your whore of a mother?"

Matthew remained silent, his blue eyes fixated on the smoke that was swirling about into his bedroom. However, his lack of an answer resulted in offending the grown man as he expected a verbal response. The tall man walked in, grabbing Matthew by the arm roughly and hoisting him up to his feet. The child's nose burned from the stench of alcohol that reeked from his father's clothing. 

"Come on, Matthew," his father's voice taunted him, " it's Christmas, you should be spending it with family!"

Shoved forward, Matthew nearly crashed into the frame of the door but managed to pick himself up at the last minute before he fell. He quickly straightened himself and before his father could approach him, he ran towards the stairs, making his way down the flight as fast as he could. However, escaping his drunken father didn't save the child from facing his mother as he entered the living room.

Once again, he was shoved, but this time, he couldn't gather his balance fast enough as he hit the carpet.

"What have I told you about running through the house!?" Her voice screeched as she scolded him. 

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