Lawless of Greed x Reader Answer

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Let's start with the Shakespeare-freak.



A girl around the age of 5 was talking to a boy, in other words a vampire that look in his teens.
"Nee Lawless, what was your old Eve like?" Lawless took a glance at you and look to the other side. "She was a young woman, a princess to a country, she was kind and loving to her people, she only wanted peace for her country," he said with a smile on his face but sadness in his eyes.
"What was her name?" "You ask a lot of questions" he stated laughing , which made me pout."Ophelia......but she died a long time ago."
"Did you love her?" He chuckle dryly at my question.
"Guess You could say that."
I grabbed his hand and said, "If I make a contract with you will you fall in love with me, when I'm older?" He look at me shock at my question.
After a long pause he sighed "I wouldn't do a contract with a kid like you and stop making questions," he said while ruffling my hair, skipping the other part of my question.
"Just one more." "Okay, I'm waiting." I look into his red eyes which I loved, "Will I fall in love with you?"

End of Flashback. ************************************

I was now a young girl in her 17, It's been 3 years since I made a contract with Lawless and became his new Eve. In the end I did fall in love with him, but a question from the past was still stuck in my mind, 'Will you fall in love with me?' As I sighed at the question I sat down across from him, looking at him thinking 'He hasn't change nothing since back then.'
"Are thou okay?" I laught quietly at his figure of speech, he keep looking at me with a calm smile.
I decided to give it a try.
"N-Nee Lawless do you remember the question I ask when I was little." I started blushing as I think of it. "You ask like thousands, be more specific." Taking a deep breath I said, "I-If I make a contract with you, will you fall in l-love with me. Do you remember?" He look at me wide-eye as a blush appear on his checks. "Y-Yes, why?" he said trying to hide the blush. "You never gave me a answer." Looking down he grabbed my hands and made me stand. He grab my chin so he could look at my e/c eyes.
"Y-y/n" he took a small sigh before saying "I love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty." I could feel my heart skip a beat at those words. "I-Isn't that f-from---" I was interupted by the soft sensation of his lips, and I started melting into them. As I close my eyes and kiss back, it was short but for the two of us it felt like forever. When he broke the kiss he caress my check. "Y/n I really love you." "I love to, my Shakespeare-freak." both of us started laughing.

'At last I gotten a answer.'


It was my first fanfiction. I hope you guys like it.

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