Chapter Five

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          Siobhan pressed her back against the wall and used it to help lift her to a stand

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          Siobhan pressed her back against the wall and used it to help lift her to a stand. Goddess she was tired. Too tired for the simple use of two totems back to back. Something was wrong and she didn't like it. Totem abuse made her feel exhausted, but the sensation normally passed within minutes. This was worsening by the second.

Her legs ached as she stumbled down the hall toward the farthest room. The hall swayed. If she'd had a few more glasses of mead she could understand the constant motion of the fictional ocean surrounding her. Two mugs wasn't enough, she didn't feel anything until at least four. Her hand trembled when she reached the door to the rented room she shared with Elias.

"We need to leave," she said as soon as she entered. Her mouth was numb, drying as she spoke. "Now."


Elias was a swirl of color and bright lights hallowing his lengthy form. When she was a child, Siobhan once thought he was a giant. As a woman, he still dwarfed her, but he was no giant. She tried to straighten up, as much as her weak limbs would allow. He'd carry her to the horses if she didn't pretend there was nothing wrong. And being as tall and strong as he was, she wouldn't be able to put up any fight in her current state.

"Make use of the moron and gather the horses. We're going to sleep in the tunnels by the river tonight."

"I don't understand," Elias said, stepping closer. He reached for her. She gripped his forearm and released a breath.

"I think . . ." She closed her eyes, fighting back the nausea. "I'll take care of our tab and meet you at the tunnels."

"M'lady, please. Your skin is paling as we speak. Allow us to help you."

"Dammit, Elias!" She stumbled and fell into his arms.

"What's going on?" Wren asked.

"Take our bags to the stables out back. Our wagon is parked at the far end and our horses are in the stalls next to it," Elias said. He propped Siobhan against his shoulder, using one hand to hold her upright. "Go now, Wren. We'll meet you there."

She couldn't open her eyes. She couldn't speak. Numbness was taking her entire body and pulling it into a deep chasm. The last time she felt this terrible was . . . Goddess. That Vanguard General had safeguards after all, but they didn't come in the form of the charms or ink on his skin. The bastard had ingested crystillium and his blood was on her fingers from her clawing his skin.

Siobhan stumbled alongside her companion, dragging each foot as if they were made of stone. Elias wouldn't carry her until there was no choice, he was wise enough to know she'd have to faint or be a statue before she'd allow herself to be carried by anyone. But she also knew she couldn't walk without him. It was a compromise, albeit not much of one in her eyes. She hated having to rely on anyone for any reasons. Least of all when it was her own damn fault she needed the help.

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