Red Riding Hood

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Verse 1:

I'm playing danger in the wood.

Laying fire of my hood

Trying not to lose the track

Leading out to the old hack

But I know when night falls down

All the creatures will arise

And I know I'll hear the sound

That will lead to my demise

Verse 2:

I'm playing danger in the wood

Walking on just like I should

Suddenly we hear the noise

Tempting of the sweetest joys

When I step off of the path

I hear a crack and then a creak

I know because I hear a laugh

Common sense was what to seek

Verse 3:

I'm playing danger in the wood

And he's takin' my red hood

Talking of the tempting things

Going farther than we should

When I say that need to stop

He coughs up a simple quest

Only that he needs to rest

Verse 4:

I'm playing danger in the wood

Leading him fast as I could

For night is near to fall

Grandma is soon to call

When we reach the front porch steps

I spot a glimmer in his eye

Nearer to me he crept

"Did your grandma cook some rye?"

Verse 5:

I'm playing danger in the wood.

In my grandma's home he stood

When the moon rose to its peak

we both let out a squeak

For his skin turned into fur

While his teeth became enlarged

And out he let a purr

Then for me he went to barge

Verse 6:

I'm playing danger in the wood

When I hear a loud crick, crack

There my grandpa stood

In his hand he held auto Mack

The wolf fell to the ground

In the air my fist did pound

Now I know of wolf and man

Many lessons learned at hand

Verse 7:

I'm playing danger in the wood

Staying on the track I should

Never speaking with the stranger

For with them brings the danger

BY: CorinLove123Where stories live. Discover now