Chapter 9

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Your P.O.V

I woke up from a great night's sleep and got dressed for work. I hailed a cab and stepped inside. When i arrived to Scotland Yard there were loads of cameras and interviewers outside. I tried my best to casually avoid them so i slipped around the back. When i got in I was greeted by Lestrade. "Ah Y/N you're on a case today" (I'm making up a case lol).

Y/N: Okay whats it about?

L: A little girl was kidnapped on the street and you and some other detectives are on the case.

Lestrade handed me the files. A little girl, aged 6 named Cassy, was swiped the street and nobody knew a single thing about it.

Y/N :Who else is on it?

L: Sherlock, John, Anderson and Donovan.

Y/N: Okay, thats great. Thanks Lestrade.

Sher and John were on the case?! My heart fluttered with excitement. But then I remembered the Press outside.

Y/N: Greg, theres loads of cameras and press outside. How do we get someone to sort that out ?

L: Dont worry I will sort that.

I let out a big sigh.

Y/N: Thank you so so much.

I took a look at where Cassy was kidnapped. Then typed the street into my map on my phone. 30 minutes away. My phone alert rang.

Meet me @ the cafe to talk about the case x


Right, see you there x

~Y/I L/I (initials)

I shut off my phone and made my way to the cafe.

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