Chapter 8

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Your P.O.V

Jim just left. And silence followed... for about 5 seconds till Sher started.

S: "Gay"

M: "What?"

Y/N: "Sherlock dont!"

S: "Jim is gay."

Y/N: "I said dont!", I scolded.

S: "She had to know"

M: "Hes not gay"

Before he could say anything else, I pulled Sherlock out of the room. We had a stare off for 5-10 minutes and then burst out laughing.

Y/N: Oh my goodness, i cant believe you told her that.

S: She had to know or she would have gotten hurt.

Y/N: Yeah she wouldve gotten hurt but she still would have had her pride and she still got hurt over the fact you thought that, well, knew that rather. Come on let's go home, its been a long day.

We left at about 2 so it was like 7 now. Crazy, i know but we spent a lot of time talking to Jim.

S: If you say so dear.

-------------------Time Skip----------------

We were home and Sher dropped me off at my apartment, we hugged and i went inside. I got changed into my pjs and read my favourite book 'Divergent' [ ;) ] till about 9pm as i had to go to work tomorrow. I fell asleep and dreamed a perfect dream about my life in London. But I couldnt shake the feeling about Jim, a feeling of doom, a feeling of mistake that we'd met him. A feeling of regret.

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