Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter Eighteen: graduation

Violet's POV

I woke up and looked over at my alarm clock. It was 6:56 and I turned off the beeping alarm sound echoing from it. I rolled over a went back to sleep.

Two minutes later, my phone alarm went off to where I have to get up and spin to turn it off. After I dealt with that, I stood up and walked over to my closet. I saw my graduation gown and the note I had put on it last night. I put on a black shirt with the band name 'Falling in reverse' across the chest.

Then I grabbed my cap and gown. I put those on my perfectly made bed, and went to my window. I stepped across the crossing and went into Ace's room.

I walked up to his bed and shook him a bit. He didn't wake up. I walked over the other side of the bed and crawled in. I put my hand around his waist and spoke in his ear.

"Ace get up. It's time for us to get ready for the graduation ceremony," I said. He woke up and was quite drowsy. He walked over to the bathroom with his eyes still closed, and I snuck out the window. Maybe he won't even remember I woke him.

I got out my curling iron and curled my hair into loose spiral curls. I put on a small amount of mascara, some shimmery gold eyeshadow, and put on my sneakers. I put my cap and gown in the traveling case and went to the car. I made my mom wait for Ace, and she drove us to school for the graduation ceremony.

When we got there, the whole stage was purple and white, and the parents weren't there yet. My mom wanted to be there when they teachers got there so she could get a good seat.

"What time is your mom coming?" I asked Ace getting out of the car.

"She should be here soon," he responded.

"Let's go get changed then," I said.

We were walking to our dressing rooms when the principal stopped me.

"Miss Sanders, I am happy to tell you that you are going to be the school's valedictorian this year," he said putting the valedictorian thing with the rest of my graduation clothes.

"Wow, really? Thank you a bunch," I responded.

"Congrats my little study bug," Ace said. He kissed me on the cheek and went into the men's changing room.

I went into the women's changing room and put on my cap and gown. I pulled the edited and revised speech I wrote hoping I would be the valedictorian.

I read it over and pictured my mom crying. My mother is so sentimental sometimes.

I walked out of the dressing room as the other girls started to arrive. Me and Ace bumped into each other. The both of us laughed and we walked over to the seats. My mom took a few pictures. She wanted to get them before she started tearing up.

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