You Go On Tour With Him

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Welcome back! I recently got some ideas in my head, so we should be good for a while! BUT, that doesn't mean stop requesting and asking for personals. Requests are OPEN! Enjoy the story!

Y/f/c=Your favorite Cereal/ Y/a/n=Your aunt's name/ Y/f/h=Your favorite hobby

Louis-Your POV! (12) This is when they were on tour with 5SOS, so Zayn will be included in this imagine.

"Y/n, you ready?" Louis asked. I nodded. I was invited to be on tour with Louis so obviously, I agreed. Currently we were on the tour bus, but we had stopped outside the hotel. Paul opened the door and we all rushed out.

We had been on that bus for 13 hours! There was a ton of fans waiting, or should I say directioners. I signed some pictures as we went. I could not believe they wanted autographs from me. I was just his little sister.

When we finally got in the hotel we were escorted to our rooms. We had 5 rooms. I was sharing one with Louis, Niall and Liam in one room, and Harry and Zayn in another. Then, Luke and Calum shared a room, and Michael and Ashton shared the other room.

After we all settled in, we had a little break. We had 3 hours before we had to head to the stadium, for sound check.

~Skip To Sound Check~

We arrived at the stadium and it was huge! We all headed backstage and 5SOS did their soundcheck first. Louis had to help with the soundcheck and I hung out in their dressing room.

"Hey Y/n, whatcha up to?" Niall said while sitting next to me on the couch. "Hey, not much. I'm really bored." He smiled, "Come on, let's go do something."

I gave him a confused look and he just got up an started to leave. I walked to the pad of paper on the counter and started to write a note to Louis saying where I was going.

Niall noticed I wasn't behind him and came over to me. "What are you doing?" I continued to write, "Telling Louis were we are going." I heard him chuckle and he picked me up, upside down.

I laughed and he walked up some stairs and opened a door. He put me right side up again and I saw we were on the roof. "What are we doing up here?" I asked.

"I don't know. I also got bored and wondered off and found a way to the roof." I nodded and we watched the fans talking and stuff. We laughed at funny people and soon enough it was time for Niall to go to sound check.

I stayed up on the roof when the 5SOS boys came up and sat next to me.

"Hey." Calum said. "What's up?" They shrugged and I said, "Want to people watch with me?" They nodded and we watched and had a good time. Being on tour was really fun..

Harry-His POV! (1)

Gemma was supposed to be watching Y/n, but she got called to work. Which means no one could watch my baby sister. So, when I could I flew to England and picked up Y/n.

She was going to be on tour with us for the rest of it. We only had 3 weeks left, so it wasn't bad. We had just gotten on the bus ready to head to the next city. We had a long day so we were all chilling out in the back with Y/n.

Niall was playing around with his guitar on the couch and Louis was next to him taking videos of Y/n. Liam was on my left on Twitter. I was playing with Y/n to keep her entertained. Y/n is a good baby, she is usually happy and she is starting to talk as well.

She has been trying to put words together but it hasn't been working. Louis was constantly videoing her trying to get her first word on camera. "Ugh, she is never going to say her first word. I have pointless videos of her just sitting there." Louis complained.

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