Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten: Many tries

Violet's POV

When I woke up, it was around seven a.m. on a Saturday. I woke up to little noises pattering at my window. I walked over and saw that it was Ace throwing pebbles. I rolled my eyes and walked back to my bed. Graduation was in about a week, all I had to do was ignore him till then.

I got dressed, and grabbed my shoes. I picked up my bag, and walked down the stairs. I ate a quick breakfast and walked out the door.

I came out and Ace was there to try to get me to talk to him. I rolled my eyes and walked faster. I maintained my anger and just walked to the Library. Ace followed me all the way there. There was so many things that I could say. Like 'Is this Harassment Romieo?' Or 'Do I need a restraining order?' But I said nothing.

"Violet wait. Please talk to me," he said. 

I turned away and went into the library doors. I went and gathered all of my books. I put my earbuds in to block out Ace. My IPod playlist blasting. I love music.

Ace's POV

No matter how much I tried, she wouldn't talk to me. I didn't know what to do. I honestly couldn't have her never talk to me again.

"Violet, you have to talk to me before graduation," I said. And then it hit me. My math teacher wants us all to pass, so she pairs the kids who need help with the smartest kids. I told Violet goodbye,still no response, and raced away. I know it was Saturday, but the teachers were there. Some stupid staff meeting.

I got to the campus and walked inside. I had to show the new office worker my student ID to get in. I lost mine a long time ago, so I just pulled out my fake and she let me in. I could get arrested. Whatever, sorry mom. I've also been expelled three times. I'm a bad boy for a reason.

I walked into the office and asked the worker what room the meeting was being held in. Her face was bright red. She wouldn't tell me. I told her to follow me. I lead her into the supply closet. I turn on the small light.

"What are we doing in here?" she asked. I didn't respond. I rubbed my hands in circles around her cheeks. We were close together. Really close.

I kissed her on the cheek slowly twice. It was meaningless to me, but not to her. She put her hands around my neck and in my hair.

"Where is the meeting?" I asked.

"I-In the teacher's lounge," she said trying to breath.

"Ok. Thank you. That's all I needed," I said. I left the supply closet after that. That was harsh, but I needed information. She was a good kisser though.

I walked to the meeting. I knocked on the door and said come in. I popped my head in and asked to speak to my math teacher. She came out in the hall with me.

"Thank you so much. I thought I was going to die of boredom," she said.

"You're welcome. But I need something. I need you to pair me up with a smart person for a tutor. Preferably Violet Sanders," I said.

"Ok. You can be together. Go write it on my whiteboard," she said. 

So i walked to her classroom and put it on the board. After that, it was easy.

I walked back to my house and saw Violet. She was on a jog. She was listening to music on her iPod and actually looked nice. What was I thinking? I didn't do nice. I did make out movies, pranks, heartbreaking, and rumored. Why did I pay so much attention to this girl?

Oh shoot, she's coming. I ran up the steps and to my house. Why I was hiding, I didn't know. Then I remembered something. The black cherry top. I took it out of its hiding place. If she wasn't going to talk to me, I would treat her like any other girl.

Late that light, I snuck out of my house. Well, actually everyone was gone. They were on vacation so I really just ran out of the house. 

I hung her top from the branches of the tree out front. Everyone walked by it, and everyone would see it. It had her name sewn into it, so everyone would know it was hers. Ahh. I'm a genius. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I hadn't embroidered the word 'NERD' on the back.

The next morning, I woke up to the laughing of kids outside. I couldn't forget that one ticked off Violet screaming at everyone. I went down the stairs and out of the house not caring why I looked like. Although, I'm sure it was perfect. I put on my leather jacket, shoes, and beanie first though. I had a reputation to uphold after all.

I went outside and Violet saw me. She squinted her eyes at me and walked over with her top in her hand.

"I should have known it was you. Where the heck did you get my top?!" She screamed at me. At least she was talking. That was good enough.

"I've had it. Its cute," I said. She cringed.

"Don't talk like that. And just leave me alone," she said.

"I can't resist a hot nerd," I said. She stopped walking. 

"Then I won't be a nerd anymore," I don't think I was supposed to hear her though. I don't even think she knew how not to be a nerd. So, this should've been an interesting experience for everyone. Especially me.

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