Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: It Was The Only Way

Ace's POV

I ran out of school and jumped on my motor bike. I raced all the way home, and ran up to my room. I opened my window up and climbed across the crossing between our buildings. I jumped in her window and wrote a note. 'If you want these back, you need to come talk to me. love Ace.' And I slipped it in her drawer. I grabbed all the clothes that were in her drawer. Then I dashed away. I went back over the crossing and into my room. I put them all in a pile on my bed. 

One thing caught my eye though. I looked at it. It was a black top, and there was red cherries all over it. I took it and hid it. As I picked it up though, a golden locket fell to the ground. It snapped open and I picked it up. It was a picture of a man. Way older, probably her dad. Then I saw her come into her room. I stashed the locket with the top. She went to grab her things to get changed, and then she saw the note. She opened the window lock and she jumped out of her house and literally ran over the crossing. It looked like she had done it before. She opened my window and her face was so red when she saw all of her clothes on my bed. 

"I'll give them back, but you have to spend a day with me," I say a little nervous. She looked at me and squinted her eyes.

"I could report you for breaking an entering you know," she said.

"Have fun telling the cops what I stole. I'm sure a nerd like you knows that linen thievery is a very petty crime," I retorted.

"Oh look, he knows some big words after all!" She said. She looked over at the clothes and back at me. She sighed in defeat.

"Let's get this day over with," she said.

"I'm taking you to a party," I said and she stopped right in front of me causing me to slam into the back of her. To my surprise, she didn't even budge.

"I don't go to parties," she said. She turned red again. She was really cute when her face was red. Wait, what did I just think?! Why couldn't you teenage hormones just shut it?

"You don't talk to bad boys either. But here we are," I said.

"Ice hole" she said quietly and I laughed. This was gonna be fun.

"Have you ever been on a motorbike before?" I asked still smiling.

"No. Is it fun?" she asked.

"Yes. You will like it," I declared.

We walked out of my house and we got on my bike. We put on our helmets, and she put her arms around me. I gasped and a shiver went through me as she touched me. I didn't know why. I really didn't, but I liked it. She quickly let go because of my reaction. I reached behind me and grabbed her hands. I pulled her up and her arms around me again. She sighed and slowly relaxed a bit. She didn't lay her head on my shoulder, but she did have her arms around me. That was enough to make me smile.

I drove all the way to the party and she got off the bike shaking a little. She was nervous.

"Hey Violet. It's ok," I reassured her. She slowly walked forward. And she went into the house. I wanted to make her jealous, so I went and sat in a chair and tons of girls surrounded me. She didn't look very jealous though.

Violet's POV

When I got home, I told my mom about Ace.

"He is so annoying. He is always talking to me and is really cocky. He thinks too much of himself, and not to mention he rides a motorcycle without a helmet. Worst of all, he is...wait for it... a bad boy," I finished ranting as my mom stood there with a dumbstruck look on her face.

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