Chapter Two

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Chapter two: Talk To Me

Ace's P.O.V.

"Hey Kyle, Chase, Joey!!" I yelled to get their attention jogging over to them. They stopped and turn around at the sound of my voice. They looked at me for a second then spoke.

"What's up Ace. Get suspended again? Need us to help you pay all the parking tickets to get the block of your tire? Want us to tell your mom you staying one of our houses so you can meet a girl? And all on your first day wow," he replied seriously. So that's why they hesitated. They had to have a come back. I smirked at them.

"Nope. Not this time. Good guess though. Maybe next time. I wanted to ask you guys something. Do you guys know Violet Sanders?" I ask expecting that they would. They knew everyone. If they didn't, then they weren't worth talking to. Yeah, it's harsh, but what was I gonna do about it, nothing.

"Violet Sanders?" Joey asks interrupting my thoughts. 

"Yeah. The hot nerdy one over there with the book and the white jacket," I reply pointing her out. Who has a book at lunch? Wait, was she a nerd?

They all stared at me in shock. What did I do? Did I say something? Did I look weird?

"D-d-d-did you just call a nerd 'hot' for the first time in your life?!" Chase asked me surprised. I realized what I said, it wasn't a big deal, but I panicked.

"N-no. Of course not," I say quickly. Stuttering a little.

"Whatever you say Romeo," Kyle said. He smiles at his come back, and waits for mine.

"First of all, I am not 'Romeo' . And second of all, Romeo was in love. I, am not in love, and never will be. Anyway, what about Violet?" I ask.

"Fine. Calm down," he took a bit of a closer look.

"Yup. Thats Violet Sanders alright. She is the one girl in the entire school who doesn't fall for us 'bad boys'. Or anybody at that. She used to be fun. She would go out to parties, date guys, and actually be normal, but she still hasn't gotten over the prank I pulled, so she ignores everyone but teachers. She has never spoken to any of us since. She has gotten straight A's since Kindergarten, and she is kind of a nerd. Although, she's kinda different than a nerd," he replied. His smirk grew.

"Nerd is a word used to describe people who are smart, and who aren't hot in my book. She, however, is quite the sight. She is the hottest nerd I have ever seen that's for sure. That's gotta count for something," he said. Kyle can be an idiot sometimes. He let out a small laugh. More like a chuckle, but hey what's the difference?

"Thanks. I'll tell you how it goes," I said and started to walk away. I knew they're gonna stop me though. 

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