Part 1: The Shock

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Sunlight was falling on Rk's face and disturbing his sleep , he woke up but kept his eyes closed he was waiting for madhu to come and put the curtain she daily did that but where was she Rk thought. "Madhu !! Madhu !!" rk shouted but thier was no reply, Rk opened his eyes and got up from the bed , he went to the bathroom to take a shower but then he realized that madhu has not kept his dress and towel in the bathroom also "What is wrong with Madhu today , she dint do anything for me. I guess she is upset ... yesterday when i came she seemed to be upset and i was also so tired that i slept the second i lay on bed" rk thought. He went to his wardrobe and took his clothes and was going back to the bathroom when he realized that madhu's clothes were missing from the wardrobe, he was going out of the room to ask madhu about them but then again rk realized that their wedding picture that hung on the wall was missing. He got worried and stated checking his room , everything of madhu was gone. He ran out of the room and started shouting "Maa, Sikky , bhabhi please come here fast " everyone came out of their rooms. Sikky said "What happened bhai why are you calling everyone??" "Sikky madhu's things are missing from my room, did she go anywhere do you know about it??" "What madhu ?? Who is Madhu?? What are you talking about ?? Are you Okay ??" "Madhu my wife sikky, Where is she?"rk asked . "What , when did you marry you dint tell me" deepali said "Bhabhi how can you forget my and madhu's marriage only you and bittuji were there from my side" "What is wrong with you Rk today , why are you playing a prank early morning ... Go and sleep" "No bhabhi I am not playing a prank , now please will you all stop this drama and tell me where madhu is". "Rishu beta what is wrong with you today??" meera said. "Maa please i want madhu now. bhabhi what is all this??"rk said. "Rk are you alright you are not married and dont have a wife named madhu" "Bhaibhi I am married and have a wife name madhu . Wait le me show you" saying this rk went to his room and brought his phone and opened the photo gallery to show pictures but he was shocked as there were no pictures of madhu also , he went to contacts to call madhus number but there was no contact name madhu. Rk started panicking why was there no clue of madhu , where has she gone and then everything blacked out.

After almost a hour Rk got conscious , everyone was there in the room his maa , bhabhi , sikky but he only wanted to see his wife his madhu but she was no where seen.He was again going to ask about her when deepali said " Rk you know me , I am deepali your bhabhi " "Yes bhabhi , I know you" "Do you trust me?" "Yes bhabhi but why are you asking like that" "Rk only give answers to my questions" "Okay" "So as you remember me and trust me , Let me tell you something You are not married and you dont know any madhu. Rk what is wrong with you ?? I think madhu is your imagination only , When did you take your medicines last?" "I dont know anything bhabhi , my head is paining. It would be nice if you all would leave me and go. I want to sleep for sometime"rk said. As soon as the last person exited the room and closed the door. Rk got out of his bed and started to search for madhu's things again but he found nothing there was not single peck of dust by which he could say madhu was in his life. He remembered all the moments with madhu vividly but where was she now. Rk sat on the couch holding his head in his hands , tears started to flow from his eyes he was getting worried for madhu but somewhere deep inside his heart he was scared if madhu was real or was it only his imagination , he closed his eyes tightly the pain in his head was increasing then he slept.

Rk then got up at almost 8 ' clock at night he again started to search for madhu's things but failed miserably at that time deepali entered the the room "Rk have some food you need to take your tablets also" "Bhabhi I cannot sit in peace until i know about madhu. Bhabhi she doesn't have anyone except me in the world ... she...she... she would be lonely bhabhi" rk said. Deepali was feeling bad for rk she couldn't see him like this "Rk you need to understand she was not there she was only your imaginations" "No bhabhi this cant be true" "Rk remember you had a mental disorder years ago i guess you have got a attack again are you reading any book or di you meet anyone or something??" "No bhabhi its not like that I remember last i had a delusion but bhabhi I am taking my antipsychotic medication regularly. Madhu is real , why are you all doing this with me" "Rk please try to understand it is your imagination , I cannot see you like this" "No bhabhi" "Rk maa said me last time it took 6 months for you to get back to normal. please overcome this soon , she was never there" "Bhabhi she was real please believe me for once" saying that rk started crying , deepali felt very bad seeing rk's condition but she was helpless. Next morning Rk got ready and come for breakfast at the dinning table everyone was shocked rk was looking perfectly alright "Sikky what is the progress with the mehta deal" "Bhai I am handling it so you dont worry" " Thats good and lets go to office together" meera interrupted then "No rishab you are not well , you are not going anywhere" "Maa I am fine and I am going to office" "Rishab No !! If you want you can work from home but going out is not a option" "Okay if you insist I will work from home" rk replied. Meera was worried seeing Rk's behavior , he was behaving like nothing has happened and from morning he dint take madhu's name once also. She knew him Rk wouldn't be so normal after what all happened something was cooking in his mind. She dint want to lose Rk again , she remembered how rk has gone into depression when they tried to convince him that the friend he was talking about was imaginary , everything was a hallucination. She was ready to face all that again but this behavior of Rk was not what she expected. She was scared very scared.

After completing the breakfast Rk went to his room, he thought to call bittuji as he knew everything about he was not only his PA but best friend also. Keeping his fingers crossed Rk made a call to bittuji , he was his last hope as he remembered bittuji also knew about madhu and also was very fond of her but Rk was worried what if bittuji also declines to know madhu what will he do. "Hello bittuji" "Hello chief" "How are you??"rk was trying to sound very normal "I am fine chief anything important you called ??" "Bittuji do you know where madhu is??" "Who madhu???"

So what do you think was madhu real or is Rk going to meet madhu or Rk have already met madhu ???

PS : I am not a medical student or doctor so basically i have no idea about . This is just fiction and I dont intent to hurt anyone's feelings.

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