The Song

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(A/N: WARNING! This chapter is going to be a little "sexual" so to say. Nothing too  inappropriate happens so.. you will see) ~2016 June


When you were eating the grapes, you remember you have Jins number so you pulled out your phone and texted him.

___:    Hey, are you okay?

Hot Pink:    Ne, i'm fine. I just woke up late, and there was no point in going to school

___:    Oh, arasseo, sorry to bother you

Hot Pink:    You're not being a bother angel :)

___:    Haha never mind then XD

Once you got full on grapes, you leaned back in your chair. You're really bored and you have nothing to do.

Hot pink:    Do you want to come over, I mean, I don't care if you don't, but whatever

You blush a little bit as you instantly know your answer.

___:    Ne! I'll be over In a few.

Since you are already dressed to go, you just walk out of the house and off to his. You can feel your heart racing again. You should be used to everything now, but you can feel your heart about to burst. Each step you take it feels like your heart was beating harder.


You finally arrived at his house. You raise your hand up to the door but you are hesitating to knock. You take a deep breath and tap on the door. You pulled your hand away and hold it tight.

Your heart stopped as the door flung open to see Jin opening the door, greeting you.

"Yah!" He closed his eyes and gave you the biggest smile. You felt your face heating up so you put your hand on your cheek.

"Yah..." You finally broke the gaze and smiled back, waving to him. There was awkward silence for a little bit before he held his hand up through the door.

"Well, do you want to come in?" You nodded slightly, as he moved out of the side to let you in. You walked into the familiar house and stood still in the den. You feel more comfortable as you recognize the yellow walls and the fire place.

"I have something I want to show you." Jin said quietly as he took your hand and took you upstairs. The hallway was kind of narrow, but it was clean so you wouldn't trip over anything.

He lead you into a big room with white walls, and his bed was along side a wall next to a window. His bedroom is huge! His closet is close to his bed and he has a bunch of recording equipment on the other side of the room next to a computer.

"Sit down anywhere." You nod smiling and you walked over to his bed. His bed is actually pretty comfy, not too hard and not too soft. The smell of his room had a slight scent of cologne, it wasn't strong which is good. (A/N: When the cologne is strong for me, it literally burns my nostrils). But the cologne smelt nice.

Jin walked over to the computer and held up is index finger, signaling you to hold on a second.

"Is it okay if I have your opinion on this? I made it myself." You looked at him and quickly nodded. You wonder what it is, you wonder if it's going to be good, but you know it is.

"Of coarse!" You answered which gave him a big smile.

Play the song above

"I hope you enjoy.." He said clicking the play button.

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