The Miraculous Club {Short scene}

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Marinette walked inside as her eyes widened. That place didn't look like the academy. Not even a little. Lights of different colors hanged from the ceiling , there were tables everywhere with food such as coke, sprite, nachos, hamburgers, trays with tacos, etc. The music was sounding higher and higher every minute. There was a stage at the middle of the place with a DJ set at the corner of it, which called Marinette's attention. Why would they need such a big stage?

The bluenette wondered around trying to look confident, but no one minded much about her, since the place filled with the best dancers from all Paris.

While walking around she spotted with the corner of her eye Alya aka Lady Wifi , Nino aka The Bubbler and Tikki aka Lady Luck chatting. Lady Luck walked towards the newbie and smiled widely.

"You came Mari-" Lady Luck exclaimed but got interrupted by Ladybug , who was covering her mouth with her hand.

"Don't say my identity out loud , Tikki!" She whispered to her ear as Tikki nodded quickly , breaking free from the girl.

"Why? You look amazing with your costume!" Tikki replied , happy that her friend had come.

"Because it's private! I don't want everybody to know who is the klutz that falls with every step she makes!" Marinette said. After a few seconds she went pale , which made Tikki worry.

"What's wrong?" The red haired girl asked.

"D-does it l-look like its m-me?"Ladybug stuttered , breathing heavily.

"What? No! I just know it's you because you are wearing the earrings I gave you!" She pointed her ear. Indeed, Marinette was wearing a pair of earrings that were all red with some black spots. Since Tikki gave them to her, Marinette never took them off, they brought her good luck.

"Oh!"Marinette exclaimed and took her bows that were holding her hair which let her hair run wild. The blue hair covered her earrings, making her look just like any other girl like if she belonged there.

Two very familiar voices exclaimed as everyone cheered.

"C'mon Ladybug! The Face-off will begin!" Tikki grabbed Marinette's wrist and ran towards the stage. She bumped into people the whole time and all Marinette could hear was 'Sorry!' or 'Excuse me!'

Finally, they were a few millimeters from the stage. There Marinette could finally see it clear, the reason why the voices were so familiar.

On stage, there was Alya wearing two beautiful silver earrings, black sweatpants , a long tee shirt that looked like a short dress with a wifi symbol and a purple bra under it. She had her hair as usual and a black mask made with black makeup. She wasn't wearing her glasses , what made Ladybug think that she was wearing contacts.
Beside Alya there was Nino , who was wearing a dyed tee shirt that was half yellow half blue , a red jacket and cap, a pair of headphones with black sweatpants. Just like Alya, he had his faced painted like a mask , but his was light blue with a little black around his eyes.

"WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!" They both yelled as the crowd cheered even louder. "That's much better!" Alya exclaimed.

"Yo! For the new ones I'm The Bubbler your DJ" Nino said and fixed his cap.

"And I'm Lady Wifi your announcer!" Alya exclaimed.

"AND THIS IS THE MIRACULOUS CLUB!" They said at the same time while the stage was filled with smoke as they disappeared from the stage.

"W-what's happening?" Marinette asked Tikki.

"The dance battle is going to begin!" Lady Luck exclaimed , anxiously.

Alya's voice could be heard by the loudspeaker "On one side we've got the unbeatable champion, the one who will not let anyone take him his crown , the heart stealer, CHAT NOIR!" In that second, a boy jumped on stage. Pretty true to his name, Chat noir used a black hood with two kitty ears stick to it , the hood was lined with a bright green. Just like Alya, Nino and Marinette he was wearing pitch black sweatpants with a bright green light on the side and had a black-painted mask to hide his identity. The only thing that could reveal a clue of who was lying behind that mask was a few blonde hairs that peeked out of his hood and Chat's green cat-like eyes.

When He appeared on the stage all the people cheered , whistled and the girls screamed revealing their love towards the teen. Chat Noir would randomly wink at some girls, which would only make them scream louder.

Chat Noir realized that there was only one girl that wasn't looking at him , Marinette watched at him with the corner of her eye while Chat stared at her for some seconds. When their eyes finally met, Chat blushed slightly as he managed to wink at her while Ladybug rolled her eyes.
'What a flirt' She thought.

"And at the other side we've got Time Breaker! " Alya announced as a girl appeared on stage. She had her pink hair picked up in two buns which gave the illusion she was a cute and harmless girl. She had black sweat pants that were green with pink highlights as her top . She didn't wear any mask, just a green cap with a so you could directly see it was one of the girls from the academy, Alix Blader.

"Dancers shake your hands" Lady Wifi said as they did what they were told to. Chat's smiled shined as the moon while Time breaker smirked.

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