The dream

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" Hi "

"h-hi "

" are you feeling ?"

" Good "

" good "

Then followed an awkward silence between Xander and Sara.

" So...umm... I am Xander...Alpha of Elysium pack...."

" I know " Sara said smiling.

" do you want to leave for the pack ? "

Sara stared at him. " Leave for pack ?"

" Yeah...."

" your pack? "

" yes " Xander stared at her confused.

" But that's too early..I can't just leave "

"b-but why? you've found me.....i'm your will be my luna"

" I know but this all is happening too soon...We should get to know each other first. " Xander reluctantly nodded. 

Sara doesn't want us i think '  Xander said to his wolf. 'don't say that...why won't mate want us...we are handsom-est and strongest...s-should we kill that boy..maybe its because of him that she is not going with us '  
'Then i'll tear him piece by piece'  Xander roared ' and i'll break him bones by bones' his wolf growled.

" Xander " Sara said softly, seeing him lost in his thoughts. " A-are you ok ?"

" Oh yeah...absolutely... " He said with a broad smile, which made Sara feel uneasy.

" Ok..."


Dinner was awkward. Xander kept glaring at Jordan once a while, while Laura kept giving him shy glances. Jordan tried to ignore the various vibes from around him. Sam and Dina had already left back for the pack. Logan kept glancing at Sara who just kept her head down.

" oh no no......Malaka spa is not that good.... I think we should try some Thai spa. " Martini said to Casy , Mia and Rose, the only people who didn't care about the tension on the table.

" Nah mom....I had tried that last time...its fine..."

" Sara....what do you think ?"

"erm...any is fine..."

" Seriously Sar.....what about the one in the mall...where you found the that tattoo man handsome " Mia said teasingly, while Jordan and Xander stiffened.

" You had a crush on that tattoo man ?!" Jackson exclaimed in disbelief.

" was a tini tiny crush...nothing more I swear. But those tattoos looked really sexy on him " Sara said and Mia sighed and Casy giggled.

Xander suddenly stood , pushing the chair hard behind him and strode out of the dining room. His eyes were pitch black and fists clenched as he tried to control his urge to search for this tattoo man and beat him to a pulp.

He kept him hands on the walls of his room as he tried to control his breathing and wolf. But again and again he could hear her words about him. He growled and smashed a lamp next to him. 

Why did it have to happen with him? He always wanted a mate but she is not ready to accept him. He even has been a good boy always - respecting family and his pack. Moon goddess really knows how to test my patience ,he thought.

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