A weakness for sweet things ;) PRUCAN MPREG

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(Hey guys! I'm Ella and this is my first fanfic so go easy on me ;)

WARNING : yoai mpreg and maybe some lemon but not too hardcore because I'm classy and shit ;0

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters only the baby :) I DO NOT OWN HETALIA wish I did , I would put ALOT OF YOAI JUST SAYIN ;) sorry for any spelling mistakes and bad English enjoy !)

"Urg" Matthew was feeling crap today . He had come home from work and had literally left his entire stomach in the sink. The Canadian looked up at the clock , longing for his German husband to get home. He smiled at the thought of his hubby, waiting and waiting, the poor Canadian fell asleep in the sofa.

"MATTIE! The awesome MEEE is homeeeee!" The German cried as he crashed through the door. Only silence responded to his outburst , he wondered and started to look around until he stumbled upon a heaving boy crouched over the toilet "oh Mattie..." He said rubbing soothing circles on his back "Gilbert?" The Canadian spoke weakly he had dark circles under his eyes, the poor boy was a wreck it made Gilbert want to cry . "Liebling!! (German for love) you look awful! You need sleep babe , do you need me?" The worried German picked him up and rushed him to the bedroom. He got a soft yellow blanket and wrapped his lover inside, he went to go get matt some water and returned with the sight of Mattie snuggled up with his polar bear kuma . He blushed at the cuteness and went downstairs to make dinner.

The Canadian woke with the smell of cooking, he rubbed his sleepy eyes and before he could even go down stairs he was rushing to the bathroom again "dam this bug" he cursed as he threw up into the toilet once again. He got up and freshened up , he looked at his figure in the mirror "oh great I'm fat" he pinched the skin between his hands " even more like Alfred now huh?" He asked his reflection

"MATTIE DINNER" Gil called from the kitchen

"Okay" the Canadian replied

He nose curled up in disgust as he entered the kitchen, " I made ur fave matt! PANCAKES WITH MAPLE SYRUP AYYYAHAHAAA;) " Gil yelled

He laid a huge mountain of pancakes in front of Mattie

"Thanks" he mumbled

He took a spoon full and heaved, he couldn't eat them , what was wrong with him? HE LOVED PANCAKES I mean not just the yeah I'd eat them I mean the I WILL EAT THEM EVERY HOUR EVERY DAY ;0 that's how obsessed Mattie was with pancakes and maple syrup

Gilbert watched his lover in his daydream he was so cute ;) but he noticed he wasn't eating his fave SOMETHING WAS UP

" Mattie I know you have been getting fat but you have to eat too" the German clamped a hand over his own mouth why did he say that? That's so mean ! He looked over at his lover, his soft violet eyes pooling in fresh tears" you noticed too ?"

"Mattie I didn't mean..."

Matt ran out of the room, "crap" Gil ran after him.


Gil stepped back , his little Canadian has never raised his voice like this, he was normally shy and cute

Gil was hurt but he was now extremely worried

He grabbed Mattie with a worried expression, Matthew wriggled and squirmed trying endlessly to get out of his lovers arms but his efforts were wasted, he was too strong.

Mattie started to cry again , gil let go and looked him in the eye, "what's wrong my little pancake? Ur worrying me babe I'm too awesome to worry but I guess I have a weakness for sweet things " Gil spilled his whole heart out , telling Mattie how much he loved him and that he was sorry

Mattie clung to Gil's shirt and kissed him

Gil drove Mattie to the hospital, Mattie HATED hospitals as he sobbed on the way there, as they walked in they were greeted with a warm smile "hello my name is doctor Davis and I will be examining your husband"

He took both of them into a hospital room , they both sat down as the doc ran some tests

"Um...umm can I speak to Matthew privetly? " Gilbert nodded and walked out the room giving Mattie the 'don't worry babe' look he allways does. The door shut firmly, "so?" Mattie asked

" we'll seeing as you are a country and that this is possible, um it's hard to say but congratulations you're expecting"

Matties face went as pale as a ghost "WHAT? " he yelled " I..I... How?"

"We'll whenever a country needs a kind of addition? You know a extra bit of land for economical issues or something, your country or Gilbert's country was lacking and there we go" the doc pointed at mattie's unnoticeable bump

Tears were streaming down his face at the thought of a baby, will Gil be okay with it? Will he leave me? His heart felt it had been stabbed with the thought

"I'll um let him in" the doc opened the door

A worried silver haired and red eyed man looked up , he rushed in ad glomped his lover

"Are you dying?" He asked

"No Gil, it's quite the opposite... Um .... I'm pregnant " Matthew closed his eyes waiting for the door to close and for him to be left all alone

But instead he got a warm passionate kiss , he looked up at his lover

Gl raised his hands in the air " IM GOING TO BE A VATI! (German for father)"

The happy couple pulled EACHOTHER into a cuddle

Thanks so much for reading! Ill be posting part 2 soon so DONT worry! ;)