Chapter 2

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Jerome's Pov

This guy was super weird but it felt like I had already meet him. I couldn't really describe it.
As we were walking Sky suddenly stopped. "Why did you stop?" I asked.

"We are being watched." He said. "By the one we seek."

A purple fire ball shot out of the bushes toward Sky. Sky out up some kind of yellow force field to block it. The fire made contact with the force field causing it to bounce back at the one who shot it.
I heard it hit something. We ran into the bushes to see someone there, burned and hurt.

"Sorcerer." Sky said. "It's Seto correct?"

"H-how did you block my fireball?" He asked.

"You should know who I am Seto Sorcerer." Sky said helping him up.

A green energy flowed out of Sky's hands and wrapped around Seto. Seto's injuries started to heal.

"Are you saying..." Seto started but trailed off. "Why this century?"

"Ha, you are just like your ancestor." Sky laughed. "My name is Sky and this is Jerome."

"As you already know I'm Seto." Seto said leaning against a tree behind him. "Seto Sorcerer, silver crown."

"By any chance you do have any memories of my time with your ancestors?" Sky asked.

"They're fuzzy but yes." Seto said.

"Do you know where the next few are?" Sky asked.

"Only two." Seto said. "One is in space and the other is in the End."

"We will head for the End tomorrow." I said as the sun started to go down. "For now let's make a camp."
Sky's Pov

Jerome was convinced that the monsters would attack no matter how many times I told him they wouldn't. Seto was making a fire and I was summoning some food. I took my sunglasses off and set them on a log. I was making my eyes look 'normal' so Jerome wouldn't freak. I jumped as my amulet started to glow.
Seto and Jerome walked over.
A light blue light ejected from it to make a screen. There was a girl on the screen. "Hello Sky. My name is Shade. I am from the Immortals. You can raid but Immortals never fade. I am here to help you understand the world around you." The girl said.

"How in the world?" I started.

"Your amethyst is a communication stone." Shade said. "All you need to do is tap it twice and say your command. We will go to any expense to help you."

"I've never seen a communication stone." Seto said amazed.

"Yes Seto Sorcerer. They are very rare." Shade said. "I can also link the stone to your glasses so you can ask me questions without being suspicious."

"That would be great." I said.

"I must go but call me if you have any questions." She said. The screen retreated back into my amulet as it stopped glowing.

"Did you know about this?" Jerome asked.

"No." I said.

"I think I, gonna go to sleep." Seto said walking over to a tree. He made a little platform for him to sleep on. "Night."

"Same." I said. I grabbed my sunglasses and laid down.
I woke up and stretched. I put my classes on and sat up. Jerome was eating raw fish and Seto was tending to the fire. "Are you sure you don't wanna cook that?" Seto asked Jerome.

"No." Jerome said with his mouth full. "I think it tastes better this way."

"But it's really unhealthy." Seto said.

"Just let him." I said sitting down on one of the logs.

"What time should we start for the end?" Seto asked.

"There is only one place in Minecraftia that has an End portal." I said. "Herobrine's castle."

Jerome must have choked on some fish. He started coughing.
"Are you serious?" Seto asked.

"Yes." I said sighing. "I can use my po- I mean magic to cloak you guys. He won't be able to detect you guys. "

"What about you?" Jerome asked.

"I have many tricks." I said smirking. "Seto can you conjure a nether portal?"

"Ya." He said. He did a bit of magic and a nether portal appeared.

"I will go first." I said. I used my powers to cloak Seto and Jerome. "Follow me."
I lead them through the halls in Herobrine's castle. We just had to get past the throne room where Herobrine was sitting. I knew he wouldn't be able to see Seto and Jerome.
As I walked past the door I heard someone whisper, "Adam?"

I kept walking. Herobrine teleported in-front of me. "Adam?" He asked.

"It's Sky to you." I said pushing past him.

"Come on Adam. Can't you give your old man a hug?" Herobrine asked.

"You weren't my dad then so what makes you think you are now." I said.

"I know you think the corruption is me but trust me. It isn't." Herobrine said.

I stopped. "Why would I trust you? You burned my kingdom to the ground, you made my people suffer, you killed the only people I consider family." I listed. "You hurt Alesa."

"I know and I'm sorry." Herobrine said.

"Next century I'm supposed to rise-" I started. "Just leave me frozen." I turned back to start walking.

The castle started to shake. The ceiling began to fall. One almost hit Jerome. I put a force field up shielding me, Jerome, and Seto. Herobrine put up his own.

Once it all stopped I put the force field down. "What was that?" I asked.

"That was whats been causing the corruption." Herobrine said putting his force field down.

"What is it?" I asked.

"He calls himself Entity303." Herobrine said. "Nobody has any idea what he is. All I know is that whatever he kills he is able to gain that form. He's feeding off of what corruption was left from me."

I felt someone pulling on my jacket. It was Seto. He mouthed I know about Entity303.
I made him and Jerome visible. "Entity303 is a lab experiment." Seto started. "They were trying to make the perfect soldier but failed. It's said that he feeds off of fear and can drain the power of god-like figures."

Herobrine crossed his arms. "You know you didn't have to hide them right?" He asked.

"I thought the coruption was because of you." I said.

"Don't we have to go to the End?" Jerome whispered to Seto.

"We're only here because we need to use the End portal." I said.

"You must be going for Ender's son." Herobrine realized.

"Yes we are." I said. "We need to start going." We started for the End portal.

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