[1] Meeting the Green Archers

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Chapter 1

Jade’s POV 

3W8L Book Signing.

Mall of Asia.

National Book Store-Summit.

After arriving at my designated booth, I saw my readers waiting in line for me to sign their books. You don’t know how overwhelming it is to see these kind of people support you, and all I did was write.

After almost 2 hours of signing their books…

“Thank you guys for coming to my book signing! I really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much!” They yelled, clapped, went straight to me, and some of them hugged me. One by one, they all left.

“Jade, are you okay? Tired?” Asked one of the staffs from Summit Media.

“Tired, but it’s worth it. Thank you po.”

“No, thank you. Anyway, we have some good news! Matagal na naming napapansin ang request ng readers to turn your book into a movie, and—“ AND?! “—There’s a big chance na maging movie siya! We’ve already pitched the story to Star Cinema, and they told us that your story has a big potential. So, let’s wait and pray!”

Oh. My. God.

I was speechless. All I could say was ‘Thank you po’. I went out to find my friends, Danica, Kim, Xy, Yhang, Jen and Carina. I want to tell them the news, so I’m not the only one who’s freaking out right now!

But on my way out, one of the staffs from National Bookstore approached me.

“Miss Jade?” He asked.

“Yes po?”

“Well, I’ve heard kasi na… Crush mo si Jeron Teng.”

Jeron Teng? Umm… Who wouldn’t? He’s just the MVP of UAAP Season 76! He also bagged the ‘Rookie of The Year’ award during his first year. Besides, he’s also my schoolmate, so whenever I’m watching UAAP Basketball, I always cheer for them, for him, and one thing lead to another, and boom… I have a crush on Jeron Teng.

 “Umm, slight?” I said. I don’t really know how to answer this. How did he get this info anyway?

“He’s my friend. Don’t worry, babanggitin kita sa kanya.”  

 I froze. Wait. For real? Babanggitin niya ako kay Jeron Teng? Oh my god! What will he say? Shocks! Why do I feel more excited for this, than knowing that there’s a chance for 3W8L to be a movie!

 After going home, I logged in to my twitter.

@GirlinloveWatty: Babanggitin daw ako kay Jeron! What is kilig? <3

Then people retweeted and favorited my tweet. Some of them were mentioning Jeron Teng! Hope he’s not too flooded because of this. But, kinikilig pa rin ako. Somehow, in our own little world, there exists JAERON. Although I know, it’s too impossible to happen.

Some of my readers are tweeting things like #JeronIsForJade #JeronNoticeJade and I’m beginning to like it. Spell obsessed? J-A-D-E

After a few days, I checked my email if there are any updates whatsoever. I froze when I saw this email:  

Message: 3W8L The Movie

Hi Miss Jade, this is Koko from Summit and we are glad to tell you that 3W8L (Three Words, Eight Letters) was chosen to be adapted as a movie under Star Cinema! Are you free this Friday for a meeting with Star Cinema's production team? Let me know. Thank you. :)

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