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Charlotte P.O.V

"Come on and i will show you your bed"Hermione said as she dragged me up the stairs.

We entered a door and i looked around there were 4 beds.

"This is my bed,pointing to a bed under a window, this is parvati patils bed she pointed the bed opposite hers and this is Lavender Browns bed and this is your bed she pointed too an empty bed next to Hermiones closest to the door.

All my stuff was already beside my bed (which was very little)Ginny sleeps with her year in another dorm and the boys dorms are across th landing.

"Ok I am getting my PJs on"I said as it was 9:30

Hermiones and I get changed and Hermione is wearing plain blue PJs and I am wearing fluffy snowmen bottoms and a fluffy top with a snowman on it.Dumbledore must have bought me new clothes and they were really comfy and warm I love them.

Do you want to go down to the common room?"asked Hermione

" yeah sure"i said

We walk down  to the common. room  and most people were in PJs and there were only a few small groups of people most of the 1st and 2nd and some of the 3rd years were not there.No one older than 5th year were down an i don't know why,there proberly all walking around the castle against the rules.

All the Wesley and harry were all on the sofas and so was Neville longbottom and Seamus Finnigan.Hermiones pointed out Lavender Brown,parvati Patil and other Griffyindors and I waved and said hi to all of them.

I went over to the sofas and sat on the floor infrot of the fire facing Fred and George.

We sat and talked when Fred shouted out "I know what to do because no one knows about you Charlotte we should play 21questions.Everyone agreed and so did I so it began.

Fred and George started"favourite colour,favourite food"

Blue an ice cream an chocolate(I hardly every hav it one time a women bought me an ice cream and I stole some chocolate from somewhere and it was Soooooo nice.)

Hermiome asked"why have you only.came to hogwarts now.why werent you here last year or before."

"Dumbledore couldnt find me but he finally found me today"

Why couldnt they find you"Harry asked

"Umm I dont know"

"Ok,whats your middle an surname?"Ginny asks.

(I am going to change it,she knows her surname is black but she dosnt know here dad is called Sirius she dosnt know her dads name

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