The Picture is of Hallie Johnson (Nina Dobrev)

The Psychic Study


11. The First And Last Memory

    Falling through the void, into an empty white, I started to feel uneasy. I was about to ask why we were here, but then an image started to appear around us. We were now in an unfamiliar kitchen, with cream walls, black surfaces, along with a black oven. There was a breakfast bar with a few women and men on it. One was me. I felt my eyes widen.

‘You don’t remember this?’ Ashton asked from beside me, pushing my body sideward so that I was facing him. I shook my head. Nope, I definitely didn’t remember this!

‘No.’ I whispered. He smiled apologetically before turning his full attention to what was happening.

    Walking so that I was able to see them all, I jumped. Sitting on the bar was Audrey, me, mom, Chad, Brendon and Leah. I knew Brendon?! And I knew all their names! I remember!

‘Do you see?’ Ash asked, looking from me to… me. That was confusing! I blinked once. I don’t know!

‘No. Well, yes, I remember a little. Err… Leah… will… hug Chad’s arm, and Chad will smile at me.’ I answered honestly, watching what I just said happen right in front of me. I saw Ashton’s eyes glint like diamonds, widening slightly, and laughed.

    Studying the scene in front of me, I started to hear their voices. Ashton had fallen quiet too, his eyes scorching with confusion and anticipation. I’d been so preoccupied that I hadn’t noticed they were speaking. At the table, Leah was getting impatient.

‘Why, Mrs Cilelyn?’ She asked, her deep hazel, wood like eyes meeting my mothers, while Chad took hold of her hand and rubbed the back of it. She smiled at him momentarily before turning her attention back to mom. Chad was watching me out of the corner of his eyes, and I couldn’t shake the dreading feeling inside.

    Chad wasn’t ugly, just the opposite in fact. His short black hair and tanned skin gives him a sexy appearance, though his unusually golden hazel eyes were what drawn girls to him. He had a muscular body, but still succeeded in looking soft and inviting. Chad was always good at drawing girls in, but not when it came to the “relationship” (commitment) parts. He thought the world of Leah though, and always told her she was gorgeous, but never once said “I love you” to any girl he was with. That was due to the fact that he didn’t believe in love, but no one knew why.

    Leah was beautiful, her fierce red hair shimmering in waves. She had a petite face; her lips thin, though they held a natural pink colour. She never went even a day without somebody asking her out, but she merrily turned most of them down, saying she was “still waiting for the one” who would relieve her from loneliness. Everyone knew it wasn’t true, mostly because of the “Mike” fact. Mike was her on-and-off boyfriend, and he gave her plenty of company. Right at this point in time they were on a break, which meant Leah could do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted.

    Chad was chewing his lip roughly, most likely trying not to feel anything. Leah had rolled her lips back into her mouth, which meant she was thinking hard about something.

‘Come on Suzie, Audrey will be with me, Brendon, and Ruby and Leah all night. We won’t let her out of our sights.’ Chad added, Audrey smiling hopefully. My mom sighed, her hand going to the bridge of her nose in frustration. I walked over to Audrey and placed my hand on her shoulder. She looked up at me and her eyes were hopeful, like diamonds.

    I searched Ashton’s face, trying to see what he was thinking, but I couldn’t. Why? In defeat, I twisted my head to watch my unfamiliar past unfold.

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