Chapter Nineteen

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^Video is Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini and picture is of Queen Parisa (she is the revised version of Queen Clarion!). She is portrayed by Angela Blanc from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). (I have a extreme form of obsession with this show.)

After Tink's and my little talk, I was jerked around rather forcefully until I was finally tied to the main mast. I was in plain view of everyone on board, the miles of sea, and the heavens above. It seemed that I was being used as unwilling bait to lure Pan into Hook's grasp.

If they hoped for Pan to come to my rescue, then they were all in for a huge surprise. That childish man would rather cut off his own hand than come after me. I was a traitor in his eyes after all.


I was tied out for hours on end, the harsh Never sun beating down on me in unrelenting rays. I longed for even a drop of water, but I was too proud to ask the pirates and fairies surrounding me. They need not spy an ounce of weakness.

But soon, I had no choice but to relent. I had to a least stay aware for little Wendi. She was counting on me to get back home.

I gulped down the cooling liquid as fast as my bound hands would allow. Then, I was once again tied back to the rough wood.


The weary day passed us all by without a single trace of Pan's fiery locks or leaven attire on the horizon. Not even a hair from the Lost Boys could be seen.

Two pirates, the same two from my first trip aboard the ship, began untying me when the sun began to hide behind the horizon. I breathed a sigh of relief as I slipped away from the rough wooden post.

I took a couple of steps away and stretched my still bound arms above my head as best I could.

I repressed a sigh as I glanced out over the shifting ocean.

It was just as I had suspected all along. Pan was not ever coming. I might as well have been dead to him.

A tiny shard of relief bloomed inside of me, though. I would not have to watch another bloody battle. Today at least.

But that small relief was short lived.

A shout went up from the crow's nest high above me that drew even the pirate captain from his cultivated office.

Hook had a small fairy resting on his shoulder as if it were a throne. None other than Tinkerbell. She was entirely comfortable with the pirate.

I ignored them for the time being as I tried to make out what they were shouting out, until I caught sight of it for myself.

It was eight small shadows that flew swiftly over the ever shifting waves of the ocean. They was heading straight for us at an incredible speed.

Could it be? Had Pan finally come?

Hook's voice rang out, rapidly shouting orders to his underlings. They scrambled about, pulling weapons from every small nook and cranny aboard the ship, even some that couldn't have possibly hidden them.

The fairies skittered around the pirates, each flying at their own pace. All made their way towards their sister who was still resting casually on Hook's shoulder as if nothing was a miss.

In the utter chaos that followed, I was left entirely alone with my arms still bound tightly behind my back.

I flattened myself against the pole I was just bound too in an futile attempt to make myself as small as possible. I didn't want to get knocked about in the rushing bustle of Pan's arrival.

But it was not to be my fate for Hook appeared beside me, his green eyes darkened with unfiltered malice.

"There you are.'' He said, "You are coming with me." Then he picked me up in his only arm. I was too shocked to struggle, and personally, I didn't feel like being dropped flat on my face.

Somehow, he managed to carry me up the set of stairs and put me down on the upper deck by the ship's wheel. Hook did all of this without ever bringing his iron hook close to me. He never once came within an inch of scratching me.

Why would he handle me with such care if I was only a pawn? A key of sorts?

I glanced out across the water at the growing shadows. They were still a long distance off.

We had time.

My chin was lifted up by a single finger. My eyes met a pair of green ones.

Hook began to speak quietly, so only I could hear his words. "He will be here soon. You are to stay near me, or I will slit the little girl's throat. Mark my words, Gwen. I will force you to watch her bleed out, and the whole time, it will be your fault. I want you to remember as the light leaves her young eyes that you could have prevented it." Then he leaned back and headed to the railing to observe the filthy pirates and fairies who had finally began working as one team.

I leaned against the ship's wheel carefully as I took a shuddering breath. A single tear slipped down my cheek. I couldn't do that to my little sister! I just couldn't! What sister would?

But, if I went against Hook's order, then maybe the Lost Boys might have a small shred of a fight. They might actually make it out of this fight with their lives.

If only I had the courage to tell them. If only I didn't have to make such a choice.

The sacrifice of seven for the life of one? It didn't seem fair to either side.

I closed my eyes as I sank to the ground. I just needed a moment's rest. Just a small moment. My mind drifted off as I listened to the bustling of the busy ship.


I was woken up by a soft fluttering against one of my cheeks. I sleepily opened my eyes. I glanced around me to find the source of my awakening.

The fluttering came again from my left shoulder. I glanced at it, and my eyes widened to the size of saucers.

It was Queen Parisa, the ruler of all the fairies.

Her white gown softly brushed my shoulder as she leaned towards my ear. "Hello Gwen." She addressed softly.

I peeked away from her and out across the deck of the ship. Everyone was utterly relaxed. Not a single glimpse of crimson or fallen leaves around. No blood splatters and no sword fights.

I returned my attention to the fairy queen. "H-hi." I mumbled.

Queen Parisa laughed. "Were you expecting someone else, dear?"

I turned my head away from her as my tiny seed of hope drowned away in my chest.

I had in fact. I had thought Pan was here for me at last.

But I should have knew better than to trust in fairy tales.

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