Chapter 44: Announcing Old Loves

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December 6th 2015


There was a buzz in the air, an excitement at school. Why, you may ask, because we were less than a month away from the school formal. I didn't bother attending homecoming and I really didn't plan to attend this either. However, I knew all my friends would be going together and the thought of just chilling with them for the evening was exciting.

Chad was trying to fix his relationship with his estranged girlfriend, so had asked her in a half ditch attempt to see where they were. She surprisingly said yes, even he was shocked- so they were going together. Other than that, none of my friends had dates as far as I was aware. The guys, in the basketball team normally have dates with the cheerleaders, yet I think they were all just going stag. As for the girls ( Lexi and Kate) I hadn't heard of either being asked yet and I knew neither were the type to ask. So as of now, they were attending single too, though that didn't seem to deflate their excitement either. Kate offered to lend me one of her dad's old suits for the occasion. I was glad, I could look smart, without having to break the bank. At any mention of the formal, Ash was shifty, from what I gathered he never attended any of these occasions; so I wasn't holding my breath on him turning up to this either.

As this was my first year attending this school, I had no clue what to expect. However, if the excitement everyone was feeling, was any indication, then this was big occasion. I was both intrigued and slightly apprehensive of this whole thing. This wasn't ordinarily my cup of tea- so I was scared. Would I spend the night just chilling or dancing with some random girls? I didn't know- though I'd definitely be checking out the guys in all their tuxes.

Would I prefer to have some hot or sexy guy on my arm? Hell yes! Did I know any guy like that, that wouldn't cause any drama and would willingly be out with me? No. Did I mind too bad- nah- I'd still be able to hang out with my friends for the evening.

So that was how I was approaching the formal. Until Kate and I took a step out of her car. We had begun to carpool most days now and it basically involved her picking me up from my house the days I wasn't staying at hers. The minute we left the car we could see that majority of the student body was crowding around the front entrance. As any normal teenager, Kate and I were intrigued to see what all the commotion was about. So we, together, pushed are way to the front of the large crowd- elbowing and harassing anyone in our way.

From the tip of the school building hung a massive banner, that read:

"Kate Casas, will you go to the formal with me?"

And in smaller print below it:

(Btw look up)

And on cue, Jaxon stood on the roof, holding a megaphone. It was hard to make out who he was, but he defiantly recognized who we were since he wore a pair of binoculars. On locating, Kate he began to talk into th megaphone. His voice booming. "So, what do you say?" He asked hopefully. As I turned to Kate I could see she was wa in some form of shock. I mean, when I was reading the banner I was half expecting it to say "will you marry me?", for a dance invite, this seemed a bit too elaborate and this wasn't even prom. The thought of what Jaxon would do for prom was beyond comprehension....

Before Kate could get out of her trance, someone was handing her a matching megaphone. The sight of that In her hands snapped her out of her phase. She frowned, she may have wanted to be asked to remain dance, but I don't think it involved being asked In front of the whole school. "Jaxon what are you doing?" She yelled.

"Asking you out to the dance" he replied nonchalantly, as if yelling off of rooftops was a common occurrence, in his everyday life.

Before Kate could reply, the megaphone was ripped out of her hand "Jaxon and Kate- my office now" the principal spoke aggressively through the speaker. I could just about make out Jaxon nodding as he quickly stood away from the roof edge. I don't think getting Kate in trouble was part of his plan.

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