So this is my first horror story, i don't think it's going to be too scary. More of a suspense. Anyway, it's a zombie story in case you're wondering what The Dead are. C:

This story is from the POV of a 15 year old teen. Soon to be 16.

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The picture on the side is just a random/creepy zombie picI found...

On with the story now... don't be put off by just the first two or three chapters, it gets different as you read on. :)



Chapter 1

No one knows how it started… no one knows where they came from; all we know is that they are here, and that if we don’t protect ourselves, we could turn into one of them…

          They live below me, and every day I must see them, staring up at me, arms raised, drool dripping from they’re mouths. I remember the first time I heard what they really wanted; despite my parents efforts to protect me from the truth.

I’d had asked one of the Ruler’s.

          I was only eleven at the time, and I was sitting across one of the bridges. The bridges are all made of tightly woven rope and wood from the forests trees. I was sitting on the edge with my legs slung over, watching below me. Of course, The Dead were down below, reaching up for me. Suddenly, one, a woman with dark hair screeched a loud, strangled cry, and was looking at me with a harsh glare. I could see in her eyes she wanted me down there, but I still didn’t understand why. I jumped away in surprise, even though she was sixty feet below, I needed to put more distance away from us.

          “Don’t fall,” someone said harshly.

          I turned to see one of the Rulers.

You always knew which ones were Rulers, even though it wasn’t completely obvious. They were always healthier than the rest of us, and looking at him, I could see he was doing a lot better than most of us. His eyes were bright, his cheeks were flushed, and he also wasn’t skinny, like we all are. He looked nicely cleaned and shaven, while we only got one time to bathe on our oceans shore a week.

          “I won’t,” I whispered, looking at him.

          He stared at me, and I crept back over to the edge to take another peek back down. The same Dead woman was glaring at me.

          I turned away from her harsh look and took a shy peak back at the Ruler in front of me.

          “I- I don’t understand,” I stuttered.

          He frowned down at me, “What exactly do you not understand?” he asked.

          I bit my lip and blushed brightly. “My mother says that all The Dead are is crazy, evil, beings. I understand that, but whenever they see me, it looks like they… want me,” I whispered the last part out in terror, finally realizing the truth once I said it aloud.

          The Ruler chuckled a humorless laugh that scared me. “Of course they want you!” I cowered away, frightened by what he was now going to say. “They’re hungry, hungry for you. They smell your flesh from miles away and won’t leave until they have it. That’s why most of them are missing flesh, they’ve been eaten before they’ve been transformed.”

          I stared at him in horror, “Transformed?”

          “Yes, one bite and you will slowly start to change, into one of them. It seems like a painful process, but once you’ve been bitten, the infection will spread throughout your body, and soon enough your heart will stop beating…” he walked over to me and picked me up from where I was sitting, and before I realized what he was doing, I was dangling over the edge.

          Below me I could see all of The Dead, they’re flesh torn and eyes wide, reaching up for me. I screamed in terror, and felt the tears dripping down my face as my heart beat in over time.

          “Please, please don’t! Please,” I begged, over and over again. “Please, sir!”

          He laughed and pulled me away from the edge, and back onto the safe surface of the bridge.

          “Nicholas!” someone screeched, and there my mother was, running towards me.

          A crowd had gathered to see what the commotion was about. A few people were staring in horror, one girl, looking about my age, was crying into her father’s arms.

          My mother finally reached me and picked me up quickly. She glared at the Ruler, who seemed to be Nicholas, and swiftly slapped him. “How dare you put my daughter in danger like that? That is against The Code!”

          I stared at my mother in surprise, no one slaps a Ruler, it is against The Code also.

          The Ruler simply stood there and said nothing. I was still crying, even though it was over, I could still see The Dead reaching for me. My mother walked me over off the bridge and back onto the ground, into the grass. She was crying for me too, and was hugging me and whispering words of reassurance as she walked us to our home.

          When we were inside, she sat me down at the table and made me some tea. Then she told my father about what had happened, and by the time she was done explaining, his face was red with anger, and he stormed out of the house.

I never saw him again.

          I know that we should not cause trouble with The Rulers, they are here to help. The Rulers are the ones that run the society and keep us surviving. The problem is that I had always feared them, even though they are supposed to be here to help. They are the ones that go into the wild, where The Dead may be, and they come back with food. The Rulers are not to be feared, but I am sure everyone fears them anyway… Many are harsh, but despite that, there was one problem that bothered me the most: control. They have such control over us that they could bring us death if they felt they wanted to.

          My dad had gone out, found Nicholas, The Ruler, and pushed him off the bridge. My father wanted to show Nicholas the fear that I had felt when I had been dangling above death.

My dad broke two rules of The Code.

1. You never disrespect a ruler.

2. Murder.

Then, the Rulers charged him guilty of both and prosecuted him.

That was proof that the Rulers could bring death.

One thing I am now sure of; he is not one of The Dead. Our society has made it clear that we can never add on to the infected. They are the reason our world is so wrong, and we can never make more, because that will just add on to the evil, and right now, we are trying our hardest to rid them.

This plan is impossible though, because we are outnumbered.

I’m not even sure if there are more of us, living, out there, nobody is sure… and we’ve started to lose hope.

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