Forbidden Attraction (Please Read)

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Authors Note

Before we start this story, there are some things I need to get across.

This story has slavery, somewhat, not much but still it is about a white male as the master, Logan Reed. And a black female slave, Danielle Reed.

If you do not like interracial relationships I suggest you not read this book, or if you do not like the idea of a 'slave book' you should not read this book either.

I am not racist, and I especially do not dislike white people this is just a story that came to mind. And she is light skinned so it would make more sense of why she is in the house all of the time.

Light Skinned slaves were usually kept inside whilst the darker slaves worked outside.

Rant/History Lesson

Before you even read it! Yes, I do realize slavery ended way before the time period in which this story takes place. But you must understand that this is a work of FICTION! And although slavery ended in the 1860's there still continued to be slaves held long after the Emancipation Proclamation/ 13th Amendment was signed.

Also I KNOW this story wasn't really how it used to be in that time period because black people were treated way worse than what this story makes it out to be. But I say this again this is a work of FICTION, please try to remember this whilst reading. Thank You!

Some of the scenarios in this book are not accurate, as in some of the references aren't correct with the time period, but since this is a work of FICTION I shouldn't get any hate unless you didn't read this part!

Unfortunately, no one is perfect, including me...So, I am positive that in this book I will make mistakes writing it.

For instance the Cover Photo the girl is darker skinned, I realize that! But can you find a picture with a lighter skinned girl with a white boy like the picture, if so be my guest and message me.

ALSO this book is finished, but I have not gotten to the point of editing and I will edit it whenever I get a chance, so bare with me for a few months because I am writing other books also!

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration And I Hope You Fall In Love With This Book You Can Always Become A Fan!


Author's Update:

This book is really popular, like I never expected it to get this huge. I want to let all of you know I appreciate everyone of you, with your votes and positive comments!

And to all the hate comments, I can honestly say I don't see them at all! I try to read every single one of the comments, but by the time I actually do see a specific comment it's already reported and all that good stuff.

And to those who realize that I am human, and not perfect I thank you so much! Especially those who realize that this is a fictional book.

Sometimes we are so caught up in real life, any time we hear something out of the ordinary or not specific or even not theoretically correct we flip out! It's kind of sad. The fact that some of us can't even let loose and imagine for the length of this book is discouraging.

But no matter how much hate you guys think is destroying me just know that I love every single one of you.

Also know that I sleep very well EVERY night no matter how you feel about me at the end of the day. ;)

Enjoy your read, sweethearts!! xoxo

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